The Ministry of Justice gave a narrow 48 hour time window for local businesses to suspend vape sales.
Last year it was reported that Brazil’s lawmakers kept postponing a final decision on regulations for safer tobacco alternatives, and a new proposal to reinforce a nationwide ban on heated tobacco (HnBs) was put forward earlier this year.

Proposal of law 5087/2020 bans “the production, import, sale and advertising of electronic smoking devices, which include electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco products, as well as their accessories and refills”, and is currently being considered in the Chamber of Deputies, the lower house of the National Congress.

Then earlier this month came the publication of suspension, with which the Ministry of Justice gave a narrow 48 hour time window for local businesses to halt e-cigarette sales. Among the companies mentioned in the order published in the Official Gazette are websites including OLX, Enjoei, Via Sa (owner of the brands Extra, Casas Bahia and Ponto Frio) as well as businesses that have stood out in this area such as Beetle Juices.

“Electronic smoking devices have been on the radar of Senacon for some time now. Anvisa banned trading [dos produtos] throughout the country in 2009, but this year she confirmed her position with an in-depth study of the harmfulness, danger, harm that these products cause to human health,” said Rodrigo Roca, National Secretary for Consumer Protection.

Consultation on vaping products

Earlier this year, Brazil’s national drug agency, Anvisa, opened a consultation on e-cigarettes, with aim of gathering factual scientific information to help it regulate the products accordingly, which closed on May 11th.

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