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Review: Aegis Touch T200 kit – Geekvape

The Aegis Touch T200 kit by Geekvape was long overdue. Its release made a big impact on the vaping world when it burst onto the scene. With its huge touchscreen, the box offers 200W of power and is particularly well designed. Topped with a top airflow clearomizer designed for generous vapour production, it is the THE kit to have this autumn!


Touch is back

Boxes with touchscreens often have just as many fans as they do haters. They are sensitive and sometimes fragile, and are not always durable or particularly effective. The Aegis Touch T200 looks set to change all that. It is both stylish, with a flawless finish, and pleasant to use. The many menus can be accessed in just a few seconds, making it a fantastic product.

Technical specs

Mod dimensions 90.1×54.6×31.3mm
Mod weight 168g
Battery size 2×18650
Charging USB-C, external charger
Maximum power 200
Max. atomizer diameter 26
Modes available Watts, Temperature control, Automatic, Curves, Bypass
Clearomizer dimensions 26×42.5mm
Clearomizer weight 68g
Clearomizer capacity 5.5ml
Range of use 5 to 200W
Filling Top fill

What’s in the box?

  • Mod
  • Clearomizer
  • Spare tank
  • Spare parts
  • USB cable
  • Coils
  • Tool
  • User guide

An understated, pleasant-to-use box

The quality feel you get when you hold the Aegis Touch T200 is remarkable. With the quality of the assembly, the padded materials, visible seams and the perfectly fitting screws, it is difficult to find anything to complain about in the appearance of this impeccable box. A 26mm clearomizer or atomizer like the one supplied in the kit fits comfortably on the deck on top. The diameter of the atomizer can be slightly increased, but the edge of the deck has a silicone seal with an angled edge. If you fit a 28mm clearomizer for example, there is a slight overhang on the screen side without being glaringly obvious.

Underneath the Aegis Touch T200, a sliding button unlocks the battery door. The entire surface is reinforced with thick silicone which avoids scratches. On a flat surface, the box is stable and doesn’t tip over, even with a large atomizer.

Once open, the door does not have any lateral play. It holds the batteries securely in place. The polarity orientation is marked and the box is protected if the batteries are put in the wrong way round. Access to the battery compartment is reinforced with several layers to ensure excellent sealing. However, this IP68 protection comes at the cost of degassing holes. To withstand sand, dust and water splashes, it is difficult to see how these holes could be included. Two 18650 batteries are required to power the box.

The fire button is positioned on the side, and just below it is the USB-C port for quick charging of the mod or to update the chipset. Pressing the fire button is pleasant and makes a dull click. There is no annoying rattling.

The brand name is engraved on the opposite side just above a switch. Sliding this switch locks the box settings and the fire button. This little button is now a regular feature on Geekvape boxes and is very practical when using the box on the go. It just takes a second to lock and unlock your Aegis Touch T200 without ever needing to adjust any setting or press any combination of buttons. Simple and practical!

The back of the box is covered with stitched leather-look material. It is thick and seems well-finished, and it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

The major advantage of the Aegis Touch T200 is its huge 2.4” touchscreen. Access to the menus seems a bit confusing at first but it only takes a few minutes to get to grips with it and browse easily through the available choices. The information available is easy to read and there is sufficient contrast for the box to be used in bright sunlight. The box is very comprehensive and has a “Smart” mode which adjusts the power to the clearomizer coil. It also has variable wattage, temperature control, a bypass mode and curves.

There’s nothing to criticise, this menu is comprehensive for all styles of vaper wanting a powerful box that can deliver 200W. The colours displayed change according to the chosen theme.

Each time you press, a visual animation is played throughout the puff. It’s rather good and gives the display a fun look. The remaining battery life is just as visible as the other graphical elements. When it comes to vaping, it’s a very pleasant surprise. The box fits well into your hand, the settings are easy to access, and you get used to browsing through them very quickly. An important point for a touchscreen is its sensitivity. The screen reacts easily but is not too sensitive either. You feel like you’re holding a well-designed smartphone. When changing wattage, you control the scrolling and choice of value from start to finish. Gone is the switch from 5 to 200W in a few seconds as the figures flash past your eyes. The box does not guzzle electricity despite the large screen.

The clearomizer of choice

The Zeus Sub Ohm 2021 clearomizer has a top airflow. The air inlets are positioned at the top of the clearomizer. The air is directed to the bottom to cool the coil. The advantage is that leaks from the base of your clearomizer are impossible. Geekvape is certainly the leader in this system which is nice to use on a daily basis.

To fill it with e-liquid, just unscrew the top cap through a quarter turn to access the filling holes. These holes are large and allow you to use almost all e-liquid bottle tips. There is a little channel to catch any overflow and direct the liquid back towards the filling holes if you pour too quickly.

The airflow ring opens onto two windows allowing the air to flow through to the coil. The Zeus Sub Ohm 2021 is designed exclusively for direct to lung vaping. The 810 drip tip is quite tall and can be replaced with another standard model if necessary. The one provided is suitable for dynamic vaping without any risk of liquid spraying into your mouth.

The kit comes with two resistance coils. The 0.4 ohm Z coil is for use between 50 and 60W and the 0.15 ohm ZXM coil is for vaping between 70 and 85W. Both coils are excellent. Whether you vape in moderate DL or are looking for huge vapour clouds, the flavours won’t disappoint.  The Zeus Sub Ohm 2021 remains a reference in the DL clearomizer category. Leak-free and accurate, it is an excellent choice for a big cloud vaping.

In summary

 What we like

  • Quality of finish
  • Lots of menus
  • Screen visibility
  • Effective touchscreen
  • A quality clearomizer

 What we don’t like

  • Nothing

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review-aegis-touch-t200-kit-geekvapeThe Aegis Touch T200 is a superb kit. It is modern and stylish and works perfectly. The touchscreen is accurate and reliable. The finish is perfect. The clearomizer is a reference thanks to the quality of the flavours it delivers and the vapour production. It is an excellent kit that’s a bit different from the others.