After a 24 month check in, 63% of e-cigarettes-only users transitioned to abstinence.
Titled, “Is e-cigarette use associated with persistence or discontinuation of combustible cigarettes? A 24-month longitudinal investigation in young adult binge drinkers,” the study compiled data from 1,002 binge drinkers(58.5% female; M age = 22.14) binge drinkers from the US and Canada, to determine how vaping affected their smoking patterns.

The research team found that dual-product users predominantly transitioned to complete abstinence or exclusively e-cigarette use. In smokers, the most common transition was to abstain, followed by persistence of combustible-only status. After a 24 month check in, 63% of e-cigarettes-only users transitioned to abstinence, with 37% continuing e-cigarettes-only use and 0% transitioning to dual or combustible cigarette use.

In view of the these results the researchers concluded that e-cigarettes yielded positive results. “Dual-product use in young adult binge drinkers was associated with discontinuation of combustible tobacco over time, and e-cigarette-only use was not associated with subsequent combustible tobacco use.”

Vaping regularly aided smoking cessation

Similarly, a recent Australian study titled, “Is smoking reduction and cessation associated with increased e-cigarette use? Findings from a nationally representative sample of adult smokers in Australia,” concluded that while occasional e-cigarette use was not associated with smoking reduction/cessation, daily use was.

“Compared with no current e-cigarette use, daily e-cigarette users reported an increased likelihood for smoking reduction among current daily smokers (RRR = 2.83; 95% CI = 1.53, 5.22) and were more likely to report quitting smoking among past year smokers (RRR = 2.16; 95% CI = 1.30, 3.58). Smoking reduction and cessation for occasional e-cigarette use were not significantly different from no e-cigarette use,” read the study Abstract.

Study Questions The Effectiveness of Vapes For Smoking Cessation

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