A recent study examining data from the US PATH Surveys, found that ‘risk misperceptions’ about vaping are still on the rise.
Forbes highlights that while tobacco and vaping products have the common factor of containing nicotine, due to which both are addictive, the former is lethal while the latter is not. In a segment of What’s Ahead, he highlights the fact that all the components that make cigarettes deadly, such as tar, are not found in vapes.

The Editor-in-Chief goes on to refer to countries such as the UK, where the products are highly recommended for smoking cessation, and are promoted as being more effective than nicotine patches, gums and lozenges. He underlines the fact that anti-vaping entities keep fixating on the fact that teen vaping rates increased in the last decade. However they ignore the fact that this increase has led to a drop in teen smoking rates.

Misinformation about vapes is damaging to public health

Forbes goes on to highlight that the spread of this misinformation is doing public health a huge disservice. In line with this argument, a new study published in BMC Public Health examining data from the US PATH Surveys (2014-2019), found that ‘risk misperceptions’ about vaping are still on the rise. Despite all the scientific evidence indicating the relative safety of the products, sadly in 2019, 83% of US smokers incorrectly believed that vaping was as harmful, if not more harmful, than smoking.

Unsurprisingly the smokers who have these inaccurate beliefs about vapes were less likely to try and/or switch to the products and to keep on smoking. While smokers who correctly know that the products are safer, were 134% more likely to try vaping, 127% more likely to stop smoking, less likely to dual use vapes and cigarettes and less likely to relapse to smoking.

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