High-quality MTL

Vaping with a Kayfun atomizer, means choosing an ultra-accurate vape that reveals finely detailed flavours. The vape is recognisable by the flavour rendering specific to the brand. With a diameter of 24 mm, the Kayfun X is a little larger than its big brother, the Kayfun Lite Plus. It is easier to use on a daily basis and is leak-free.

Technical specs

Diameter 24 mm
Height 58
Capacity 4
Weight 84 g
Filling Top fill
Assembly type Simple and complex
Mounting plate Single coil
Range of use Depends on assembly
Air inlet From underneath
Drip tip 510
Materials Stainless steel

What’s in the box?

  • Spare parts
  • Drip tip
  • User guide

German construction

The Kayfun X is composed of many parts which can be fully dismantled. The machining is exceptional. Everything fits together perfectly without forcing and with no play. Each element is designed to make the Kayfun X practical and reliable. Fully dismantling it only takes a few minutes. Ideal if you want to deep-clean the atomizer.

Under the atomizer are the usual markings such as the brand, the name of the model, serial number, etc.

It is the cog shape around the edge of the base that is the most striking feature. This part has a very practical, cleverly designed function. 

If you pull upwards on the top cap, this section of the Kayfun X base lifts very slightly at the same time. In one movement you lift two parts. When the cog base lifts up, it comes up against the base of the deck preventing any liquid flowing towards the cotton. You can fill your atomizer without any fear of a leak through the airflows. To close, simply perform the steps in reverse order. There is no resistance felt when closing it. To top it off, the part rotates. If you have a box with a side-by-side atomizer (SBS), you can turn the top cap opening in the direction you wish. 

The atomization chamber is narrow and concentrates the vapour produced for better flavour rendering. It has plenty of orifices for the e-liquid to flow to the deck. The part is so accurately made that the plastic tank doesn’t need a seal between the upper and lower parts to be leak-proof.

A deep X is finely engraved on the top cap. In addition to contributing to the aesthetics of the Kayfun X, it marks the place to press to slide the metal part aside for filling. Simple and practical!

Pressing on the X opens the filling hole. For a 24 mm atomizer, there is plenty of room and most e-liquid bottle tips can be used. To close the top cap, slide the part back to its original position and press to lock. It is particularly robust and there is no risk of the top cap opening by itself. The movement is easy and precise. The part slides without sticking in the least and you can feel the quality and thickness of the top cap under your fingers.

Ultra-precise airflow

The single-coil deck is screwed into a base. When you remove it, you can see the holes that let the air flow through into the deck. Here again, the seals are impeccable, as is all of the machining.

The airflow is not adjusted by inserts or holes on a ring that you turn. It is the 510 pin that acts as the airflow. The Aerokon system is simple but impressively efficient. This long screw with the stepped portions reduces the amount of air under the coil when it is screwed up. Conversely, unscrewing it allows more air in to cool the coil. The manufacturer states that the opening ranges from 0 to 1.8 mm in diameter. In actual fact, it is difficult to measure and ultimately is almost useless.

When the Kayfun X is ready to be used, you turn the screw until you get the restriction you want without having to measure the opening diameter. It’s all done by feeling and so much the better. The Kayfun X adapts to each vaper, and the vaper is no longer limited by a pre-defined opening diameter. It may appear a bit tedious to begin with, since you have to unscrew the atomizer from the box to adjust to the optimum setting. However, once you have found that sweet spot, in MTL you don’t change much, if ever.

As the Aerokon is screwed under the atomizer, its setting can’t get altered accidentally. The Kayfun X delivers a constant vape and always gets it right.

The deck is a classic Kayfun deck. Two posts opposite each other to position your coil just above the air inlet. Fitting the resistance coil is easy. Two small lugs hold the coil legs in their respective slots to avoid any slippage. During our tests, we opted for an Ni80 Fused with a diameter of 2.5 mm for a stabilised value of 0.72ohm. Placing the wick requires care, just like any MTL RTA.

When it comes to vaping, the result is awesome! The Kayfun X delivers the flavours of any e-liquid with almost surgical precision. The overall result is clean, fine and detailed. The flavour rendering is so stunning, you might even be surprised to rediscover some e-liquids. The atomizer doesn’t heat up and doesn’t leak. The 4 ml volume means you don’t have to fill up the Kayfun X too often. It’s a resounding success all the way for this high-end atomizer.

In summary

 What we like

  • Faultless production
  • Leakproof
  • Easy to fill
  • Flavour rendering
  • Design

 What we don’t like

  • Nothing
Price-quality ratio
E-liquid consumption
Vape quality
Manufacturing quality
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review-kayfun-x-svoemestoThe Kayfun X is a stunning MTL atomizer. It is ultra-accurate thanks to its airflow and adapts to all vapers who enjoy MTL. The top cap makes filling easy. Its leakproof closing system is remarkably precise. A fantastic atomizer that is not afraid of vaping litres of e-liquid!