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“What scientific concept would improve everybody’s cognitive toolkit?”

“After reminding us that three-quarters of all Americans believe in angels, half of them in ghosts, he then argued that rather than blame...

Peddlers of Ignorance

A quick word before I begin regarding the title: It is not as effective as I would like. ‘Ignorance,’ on its own is rather...

E-cigarettes and the creation of ignorance

The American Heart Association (AHA), when discussing e cigarettes, warns that e cigarette use, "is a dangerous trend with real health risks", and that,...

Maybe a convincing argument – but only to those who know...

An interview about vaping discusses tobacco company involvement in vaping but not a mention of the vaping industry or community. Te Ao with Moana host...

“Liar, Liar Pants on Fire.”

In 2009 the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) examined e cigarettes. Notably, they found a trace of diethylene glycol (DEG) in one sample. This...

Can you get second hand smoke from vape?

The public keep on asking these questions. No: You cannot even get first hand smoke from a vaporiser - It is vapour, not smoke. This...

Vaping : Something that so many are unaware of

Most people think that the objection they have regarding vaping is their own: that they do not like the ‘fumes’ because this is something...

O’Flaherty’s Duck

And this just about sums up the level of knowledge and attainment on the topic achieved by most of the public, the majority of...

We see it oh so often!

The same rubbish repeated over and over and over again. How long will vapers have to put up with misinformation being spewed out from disingenuous...

Dear vaping advocate

  I cannot think of a single issue we have had to deal with in the past where we were not responding to some action...