Best all-round clearomizer

Every style in just one clearomizer

The Zenith II is the new version of the Zenith by Innokin. This excellent clearomizer has a very simple design, which makes it particularly easy to use. It has two coils, one at 1.6 ohm for MTL and another at 0.8 ohm for direct inhalation.

The air flow setting can open up from a tiny hole to a large opening, giving you all possible options. It’s easy to change the coil and to fill the tank. When you use it, it produces dense, flavourful vapour with particularly well-rendered flavours. Its well-protected tank has a comfortable capacity of 5.5 ml.

An essential choice

Your choice of clearomizer is the most important thing when you’re preparing to switch to e-cigarettes. It’s the part that makes the vapour. It’s crucial that it meets your needs so that vaping satisfies you and you don’t go back to combustible cigarettes. All-round clearomizers give you a wider range that will meet more varied needs.

Can-do clearomizers

Unlike clearomizers that can only offer one vaping style, versatile clearomizers are more flexible and you can adjust them to suit your preferences or change your vaping style any time. But versatility also has its limits and imposes its own constraints. The choice is actually quite simple if you think about the right criteria.

  1. Different vapes on the market
  2. Does versatile mean better?
  3. The limitations of being versatile
  4. Different coils
  5. So, versatile or not?

Different vapes on the market

Even mentioning versatility in relation to clearomizers may surprise you, as they all ultimately do the same thing: they make vapour. None makes coffee or dispenses ice cubes, as sad as that may be. However, remember that there are different types of vapes, and that’s where the versatility comes in.

You can vape with the tightest indirect inhalation, the most open direct inhalation, and everything in between. It can work at 5W with a very tight air flow, right up to 200W with a free air flow. Some clearomizers are designed to vape at a reduced power range, e.g. for MTL, while others can use a wider power range. Those are the versatile ones.

Does versatile mean better?

Is there anything more annoying than wanting a clear cut answer and being told, “it depends”? This is going to annoy you, because the only answer to this question actually is, “it depends”. It depends on what you are looking for – as it so often does with vaping.

In a word, clearomizers intended for a specific style of vaping will be better at that style. If you use MTL, for example, the clearomizer that will give you the best flavour rendering will be one designed specifically for MTL and optimized for that, but that will be all it can do.

Versatile clearomizers are not quite as good as the best for each vaping style, but they do let you switch style easily with just one clearomizer. That slight loss of performance more than justifies their existence.

The limitations of being versatile

What it comes down to is how much you’re prepared to lose on performance – compared to the best specialized vapes – to get more versatility. Overall, the wider a range of vaping styles a clearomizer offers, the worse it will perform for any one style. This explains why no clearomizer goes from 5 to 200 W for example – it would be terrible at any power.

However, there are excellent clearomizers that can work from a restrictive MTL to a moderate direct inhalation vape, from 10 to 40 W for example. The best clearomizers have very little loss of flavour or vapour production compared to specialized clearomizers, which is almost unnoticeable in everyday use.

Different coils

If you want to switch from one vaping style to another, you have to change the coil. Every coil is designed to be used over a fairly small power range, for example between 10 and 15 W or between 35 and 50 W. To change from MTL to direct inhalation, you also have to change the coil to keep enjoying the vape.

How easy it is to change the coil becomes an important factor. With some clearomizers, you can do this without emptying the tank. That’s an essential part of the process, so not getting your hands covered in liquid every time is a real plus point.

In any case, it isn’t something you can do as and when, just walking around. You have to stop, change the coil and have somewhere to put the old one – if you just put it in your pocket it’ll stain.

So, versatile or not?

If you want to switch regularly between MTL and aerial vaping for example, the best thing is to have two clearomizers. That way you can switch just swap them over and adjusting the power on your box. That gives you the option of using different nicotine levels depending on the power you use with each clearomizer. Plus, it gives you two flavours to choose from.

Versatile clearomizers, on the other hand, allow you to switch from one vaping style to another whenever you feel like it, and once you find the style you like best, you can use it for longer. If your favourite style changes over time, a versatile clearomizer will be able to adapt, so you won’t need to buy a new one.

Versatile clearomizer FAQ

How much does a versatile clearomizer cost?

The average public price for a versatile clearomizer is usually from 25 to 50 Euro.

What is the best versatile clearomizer?

Following testing by the experts on our editorial staff, our absolute favourite is the brilliant Zenith II by Innokin.

What power should I vape with using my versatile clearomizer?

Please read the markings on the coil in your clearomizer to find out the correct power to use.

How do I choose the tank size of my versatile clearomizer?

For occasional use, a 2 ml tank may be big enough, but for more regular use throughout the day, choose a tank of 4 ml or more. Really, the tank size you choose for your clearomizer depends on how much you plan to use it and whether you can refill it during the day.

Can I use any e-liquid with my versatile clearomizer?

Yes, a versatile clearomizer should be able to use any e-liquid, whatever its ingredients.

Can I use any box with a versatile clearomizer?

Yes, you can use any box mod with a versatile clearomizer.

What air flow should I use on my versatile clearomizer?

The air flow you use on your clearomizer really depends on your tastes. The main benefit of versatile clearomizers is the wide range of options they offer. We recommend trying a few different settings to find the one that suits you best.

When should I change the coil in my versatile clearomizer?

If your e-liquid starts to taste different or your vape is producing less vapour, it’s time to change the coil.

Can I make my own coils for my versatile clearomizer?

No, clearomizers only work with pre-made coils, and these are usually sold by the same manufacturer. Vapers can’t make their own coils.