Best Tube Mods

The SuiSide Mod Tube from Suicide Mods is brilliantly designed for all fans of mechs that use big atomizers.

Very responsive and well finished, the mod is easy to clean and there’s no real need to dismantle it.

It’s compact, heavy in your hand and robust.

For us, simply the best tube mod of 2022.

Charm in tube form!

Tubes are a firm favourite of modders, those creative wizards who build original models that passionate amateurs and collectors adore. As well as being ergonomic, the tube has its own charm. An e-cigarette is a tool, but it’s an everyday object too. The pleasure of having it with you is an important factor when it comes to choosing your own.

Some rare models

Electronic tubes are particularly pleasing to use, easy to transport and intuitive. However, manufacturers tend not to produce many of them. That makes the range quite limited, and there are far fewer on the market than there are boxes. Even so, you can still find excellent examples, to the delight of people who love this vape design.

  1. Timeless tube design
  2. Two possible designs
  3. An 18650 for a compact size
  4. Or a 21700 for longer battery life
  5. Choosing the right diameter

Timeless tube design

Tube design mods have a special place among e-cigarettes. This is probably because they are usually mechanical, known as “battery tubes”, and they don’t have adjustable power settings or safety features. This has earned them a reputation as elitist because of the time needed to learn to use them, and because they’re often made by modders.

There are also electronic tubes which make life much easier, although they are quite rare because manufacturers often focus on other designs. Fortunately, some are excellent and blend the performance of modern electronics with the very pleasing ergonomics of the tube.

Two possible designs

Mech tubes are really simple. They’re usually just a tube, with a battery inside and a switch underneath. Clearly, adding electronics imposes some constraints because you have to put the circuit somewhere, and that takes up space. One early solution, in fact the original one, was to make a small circular component and insert it between the battery and the atomizer connector. This kept the diameter small but increased tube length enormously.

The second more recent option involves using a thin chip and positioning it along the battery. This means increasing tube diameter, but in terms of length it isn’t much longer than the battery. This is the better option as the size increase is much less noticeable using this layout. On the other hand, it limits your choice of battery.

An 18650 battery for a compact size

Unlike boxes, there are two main types of electronic tubes: those that only work with an 18650 battery and those that can use a 21700. That’s a tiny difference of just three millimetres in diameter, but it makes a big difference to how it feels in your hand. 

18650 tubes are noticeably less bulky, or at least the ones with their electronics fitted along the tube are. If you pick the right batteries, they can have a 3000 mAh battery life. That’s great, especially since it’s easy to keep a spare with you. Although – in absolute terms – that’s less efficient than the 21700, it’s more than enough and much more practical for most users.

Or use 21700 for longer battery life

Some tubes have adopted the relatively new 21700 battery format, making them 3mm wider and 5mm longer. That doesn’t look like much on paper, but actually makes a big difference if you are looking for the smallest product you can get.

21700 tubes put all the electronics at the top to avoid a very large diameter. For example, Ehpro designed its 101 mod to use a 21700 battery, with a 4000 mAh battery life, but it’s really, really long as a result. Compromises like that don’t have wide enough appeal for companies to make more than a few models, at least as electronic versions.

Choosing the right diameter

An important criterion when choosing a tube, whether its electronic or mechanical, is its diameter – specifically the diameter of the atomizers you can use with it. Tubes mostly come in 22, 24 or 25 mm sizes, and they need the same sized atomizer to maximize the aesthetics. It’s not the end of the world if your atomizer sticks out over the sides, but we’d suggest you give that some thought before you buy.

Tube mods FAQ

How much does a tube mod cost?

The average price of a tube mod is usually between 30 and 60 Euro.

Which tube mod is the best?

Following tests by our expert editorial team, the Vaping Post recommends the Siegfried 150W by the manufacturer Vapefly.

Which diameter of mod tube should I choose?

Mod tubes usually have a diameter of 24 to 26 mm. No matter which size you choose, it won’t affect the performance of the tube mod. But if you want it to look good too, we’d recommend choosing a mod tube that’s the same diameter as the atomizer, clearomizer or dripper you want to install on it.

This tube mod is mechanical; does that change anything?

Yes, mechanical tube mods are very different from electronic tubes. They’re only recommended for experienced vapers who know Ohm’s law inside out and are looking to vape with this type of equipment. Unlike electronic tubes, mechanical tubes have no safety features. We would therefore recommend that you avoid them until you understand all the procedures you have to follow to vape in complete safety. In general, mechanical boxes and tubes are the preserve of a tiny minority of vapers. To find out more about this topic, we recommend that you read our Guide to mechanical mods.

What’s the difference between a tube mod that uses an 18650 battery and one with a 21700 battery?

The size of a tube mod can vary enormously, depending on the type of battery it uses. While there are only 3 mm between the two battery sizes, in practice tubes using an 18650 are often much smaller than those using a 21700. The choice will also affect battery life, although an 18650 battery is usually more than adequate for most users.

Can use my current clearomizer with a tube mod?

Yes. There’s nothing to stop you from using your current kit with a tube mod, as both feature a standard 510 pin.

Are tube mods better than box mods?

No, there’s no difference between these two types of mod except their shape. The vape they give will be similar.