The SuiSide Tube mod is a mech mod by the American brand Suicide Mods. It’s compact and the finish is flawless. It can use 20700 and 21700 batteries, and take atomizers up to 30mm wide. All of that adds up to a responsive mech tube designed for fans of big clouds.

A beast of a tube

Beneath its chunky exterior, the SuiSide Mod Tube is a highly responsive mech tube. It’s packed with small details that make it comfortable to use and powerful. The name SuiSide comes from the tab-shaped switch on the side of the mod. This system works really well and is easy to look after.

Technical specs


Dimensions 33 x 79mm
Weight 181.5g
Battery size 20700, 21700
Charging External charging
Max. atomizer diameter 30
Modes available Mech

What’s in the box?

  • Mod
  • Spare parts

Superbly well designed

The top of the SuiSide Mod Tube is finely engraved with the model name and serial number. The engraving is clean and deep, and adds to the overall impression of the quality of this tube. When the atomizer’s screwed onto the mod, this is hidden for added discretion. The connector is a hybrid. The positive pole is in direct contact with the battery. Like any mech mod, you must follow all essential safety rules so you don’t put yourself at any risk. You must use the right assembly for the battery, which has to be in perfect condition. The atomizer needs a 510 connector long enough to be in direct contact with the battery. Some people love mech vaping, but it would be a shame to expose yourself to unnecessary risks if you go too far. The SuiSide Mod Tube can take a 30mm wide atomizer, which is most widely available atomizer for a mod of this size.

The bottom of the mod is also engraved with the brand’s name and logo. Again, it’s beautifully executed and discreet. The cover of the Side Mod Tube is made of Delrin, a strong but lightweight material.

There are 4 small drilled holes at the base of the tube. These aren’t degassing vents, they’re air outlets that let air out when the cover is being fitted onto the mod. These layers fit together very closely. Putting the mod sleeve back on without these drilled holes would be difficult. It’s well thought out and works perfectly.

What’s original about the SuiSide Mod Tube is the switch positioned along the tube. It’s tab-shaped and held in place by two screws at the top. If you want to customize it, the extra set of gold screws in the box will make your mod look more uniform. The switch is grooved to give better grip when you use it. It’s a bit stiff to push but gets slightly easier with use. Just be aware that the mod isn’t lockable, so be careful if you’re on the move.

What a vape!

Taking off the cover of the SuiSide Tube Mod reveals a copper tube. Three seals placed one above the other at the base of the tube ensure it stays inside its Delrin sleeve. The fit is very snug and there’s no risk of either part coming apart by itself. It comes with a set of spare seals in case they degrade. The copper tube is just over 2.2mm thick.

The mod is very easy to operate. Pressing the switch makes contact with the inner copper tube and closes the circuit. When you release it, the circuit opens and the mod stops making vapour. The gap between the switch tab and the copper tube is narrow, but not so narrow that it can fire without you deliberately pressing it. Some users might find the switch a bit stiff but you actually get used to it very quickly. Plus, the contact pad you press is almost 23mm high, so it’s comfortable to use!

The copper tube screws onto an Ultem section. There’s no need to unscrew these two parts when you’re cleaning it, just clean the contact areas between the switch and the copper tube. In the long run, try to avoid taking apart these parts too often. Plastic parts in contact with metal parts tend to degrade when they get handled too often. The Ultem section screws onto the top of the tube.

You can dismantle the contact tab. It’s on the top of the mod and is held in place by two screws. A gap between the screw holes and the Ultem section acts as a battery degassing vent. It’s big enough to make the mod a little safer to use.

The kit comes with two switch tabs. One of the tabs is slightly more concave in the middle, so using it makes vapour for longer. This is quite an interesting option that gives vapers a lot of choice.

When it comes to vaping, the SuiSide Mod Tube works impressively well. It is very responsive, solid and compact, and is comfortable to use. It won’t slip in your hand and you can’t help but notice its weight and how sturdy its components are. The switch is a bit different from the usual trigger system under the tube, and has a large contact area. It almost feels like pressing a fire button on an electronic mod. Cleaning it is easy – you just remove the Delrin cover and clean the contact areas. The fact that it takes 30mm diameter atomizers means the mod will please vapers who like big kits for big clouds. The SuiSide Mod Tube does the job superbly. It looks like a high-end model but costs under 100 Euro – what more can we say?

The SuiSide Mod Tube and the Nightmare RDA 28 mm by Suicide Mods

In summary

What we like

  • Format
  • Takes atomizers up to 30mm
  • Battery size
  • Two switches
  • Very responsive

What we don’t like

  • Nothing


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Price-quality ratio
Vape quality
Manufacturing quality
E-liquid consumption
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