The Trishul V2 from Hellvape is a mech mod that is highly anticipated by fans of the tube format. The first model of the name was quite successful and this new model, at a very attractive price, is promising.

A very good tube

The Trishul V2 is a hybrid mech tube which is a nice surprise at the end of the year. It is nicely machined and works perfectly thanks to its magnetic switch. It’s almost flawless.

Technical specs

Dimensions 94.9x27mm
Weight 168g
Battery size 18650/20700/21700
Charging External charging
Max. atomizer diameter 25
Modes available Mech

What’s in the box?

  • Mod
  • Spare parts
  • User guide

Simple and discreet

The top of the tube has three cut-outs with holes that act as air vents for the battery. It is well-designed, as these notches allow the battery to vent while an atomizer is in place. The mod can take atomizers up to 25mm in diameter without any overhang.

Just below, there are deeply cut fins. They contribute to the overall design of the mod and have no heat dissipation function, as sometimes exists on certain atomizers. It’s well designed and discreet.

Under the tube, the fire button (the switch) is engraved with the name of the brand. It has three venting holes like the top part of the tube. The Trishul V2 can therefore evacuate any degassing pressure via the top and bottom. This is an excellent point which guarantees a bit more user safety. Of course, just like any mech mod, this one is designed for experienced vapers who understand Ohm’s law. It should also be remembered that the battery used must be perfectly adapted to its assembly and the wrap must be flawless. Mech vaping is a pleasure and should not rhyme with danger for the user and those around them.

The inside of the mod is protected by a thin protective layer which can be removed. It is perfectly flat against the inside of the tube and makes its own contribution to safety.

An efficient switch

The Trishul V2 has a magnetic switch. The magnets are sturdy and don’t break the first time you drop it. An extra magnet is supplied in the packaging.

To dismantle the switch, you first need to remove the top part insulated by a flexible silicon washer which fills up the gap to ensure permanent contact with the battery.

A tool is provided in the packaging to access the inside of the fire button. The Trishul V2 has a permanent contact switch which significantly reduces the risk of electric arcing.

All the parts can be dismantled easily, which is good for maintaining your mod. There is only one way to assemble and insert the parts, so it’s impossible to get it wrong! A spring around the edge of the ring improves responsiveness, according to the manufacturer. In practice, the Trishul V2 really is very dynamic.

The magnets are attracted to each other inside the switch. When the switch is pressed, the magnets are pushed back to create the contact which produces vapour in the atomizer. As soon as you release the fire button, the two magnets go back into their position, attracting each other. When pressed, the switch makes a fairly loud click, which is not too annoying.

On a daily basis, the Trishul V2 is a very good, simple and responsive tube. The switch is always reliable, easy to assemble and maintain. The packaging has a fair amount of spares for a tube only costing around forty euros, and the machining is excellent for this price range. The only slight downside is that the switch is not lockable for improved safety.

In summary

 What we like

  • Quality of finish
  • Very responsive
  • Value for money
  • Lots of vent holes

 What we don’t like

  • You can’t lock it
Price-quality ratio
Vape quality
Manufacturing quality
E-liquid consumption
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