Vaping is first and foremost a community-led movement. Smokers who were seeking to break their bad habits, and who came across a new Chinese device that they knew nothing about in 2007. They organised themselves into forums, had discussions with manufacturers, and peer support developed from these first social interactions.

Meetings for nicotine patch users? That would have been unheard of. E-cigarettes are so extraordinary that they have succeeded in bringing thousands of ex-smokers together in a very short time. The vaping community has helped drive progress, and has definitely saved millions of smokers from an early death. The history of these groups to which vaping owes so much is presented below.

Favorite Community Articles

Key points

The vaping community brings together all stakeholders, whether they are consumers or businesses, who publicly support e-cigarettes or who simply enjoy getting together to discuss e-cigarettes. Forums and social media sites are very active on the topic, and hundreds of vaping discussion platforms can be found on the Internet. Some associations are now offering their members structured approaches to support the sector or consumer rights. Vapers also have many opportunities to meet up through trade fairs, social events or conferences. Below the Vaping Post provides a long series of articles devoted to the community aspect of e-cigarettes. Welcome to the world of vaping.

The latest from the community

THR Experts Infuriated as WHO Manipulates Tobacco Convention

COP9 organisers had announced there would be no discussions or decisions around Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR) products at COP9, but evidence indicates otherwise. In...

Free Monthly Zoom Workshops Will Address Health Risks of Vaping

Health Arcadia, a community health organization has been holding the online sessions, “Facts and Myths about Vapes” once a month through December. Teens, parents,...

IBVTA Participates in New ‘Vaping Demystified’ Short Movie

Produced by Eskimosoup Ltd and Storyboard Media Ltd, the short investigative movie takes a closer look at the myths and misconceptions surrounding vaping, with...

World Vapers’ Alliance Launches “Back Vaping. Beat Smoking” Campaign

The launch was attended by a number of vapers around Europe and MEP Peter Liese. Director of the WVA Michael Landl, highlighted the potential...


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