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Tobacco 21 Sweeps Alabama

Alabama raised the minimum legal sales age to 21 years to purchase tobacco products. MONTGOMERY — The Alabama state legislature and the office of Republican...

Alabama Medical Marijuana Bill Stalled

Alabama medical marijuana legislation is stalled. MONTGOMERY — Legislation to authorize medical marijuana in the state of Alabama stalled Tuesday in the House of Representatives...

Alabama to Set Age Limit to Purchase E-Cigarettes at 21

HB273 would also create a database to ensure the tobacco age limit is being observed.“There are certainly other changes and reforms that have been...

Four States Likely To Legalize Medical Marijuana Through Legislation This Year

Four US states could legalize medical marijuana through legislation in 2021. All four of these states are Republican-controlled Red-states that went to the Trump campaign...

US FDA: Another lawsuit against deeming regulation

150 retailers are about to close doors in Alabama Many complaints have been lodged against the FDA's new regulation of tobacco products that will be...