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US FDA: Another lawsuit against deeming regulation

"Vaping industry is going to be wiped out, not regulated", according to the three owners of vape shops who filed a lawsuit on July 7, 2016, against the FDA. They are owners of Operation Vapor, Tiger Vapor and Montgomery's Cyclops Vapor 2, all vape shops located in the State of Alabama.


150 retailers are about to close doors in Alabama

Many complaints have been lodged against the FDA’s new regulation of tobacco products that will be enforced on August 8, 2016. This extension of the Tobacco Act 2009 actually defines e-cigarettes and e-liquids as tobacco products.

The retailers will have to comply with the new regulation in order to lawfully continue selling their products. According to the lawyer Joe Hubbard, the cost of compliance is comprised between $390,000 and $790,000, to which another $450,000 are to be added annually. Humongous expenses that are not affordable for such small companies

Joe Hubbard adds that the regulation should lead to the closure of some 150 vape shops in the sole State of Alabama and “thousands of qualified employees people could loose their job“.

They ask for a fair and reasonable regulation

The owner of Cyclops Vapor 2, Zack Carpenter, recalls that not all retailers are against a regulation, it just needs to be fair and reasonable, adapted to the industry.

This new case adds to the numerous lawsuits filed against the FDA since the deeming rule has been released.

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Debbie Jameson
Debbie Jameson
7 years ago

This FDA crap is getting out of hand. I understand they want their share but what don’t understand is why always going after anything that resembles tobacco. Not everyone has nicotine in their vapes. so how is it fair to them. The government spends more time putting people out of work than making sure jobs are secure. They need to use their heads for thinking about people instead of plotting ways to screw people over.