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IQOS Market Share Increases as Other HnBs Struggle

In 2019, PMI posted a 44.2% increase in iQOS shipments, to 59.7bn units, with a 40.7% rise to 17.1bn units in the last quarter...

The “Winston Man”: A Transition from Cigarettes’ Model to Vaping Advocate

Last weekend, Vaping Post’s founder Ghyslain Armand was at the Vapexpo exhibition in Las Vegas. Before he had even landed, Ghyslain was informed that...

Fontem Ventures to Restrict Online Sales of Blu

In response to a warning by FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb to prove that teen vaping can be prevented, Fontem Ventures, a unit of tobacco...

Imperial Tobacco to Launch Marketing Campaign for myblue

Last February, Imperial Brands PLC, launched their vapour device via subsidiary Fontem Ventures in the US. Myblu is a pod-based system that uses liquid...

Has Hon Lik, inventor of the modern Ecig, betrayed vapers?

If you’re a vaper, you owe a huge debt to Hon Lik. The Chinese pharmacist didn’t invent the concept of an electronic cigarette –...