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Quebec: The Association Quebecoise des Vapoteries legally challenges Bill 44

Vaping Associations contest unprecedented freedom restrictions for Canadian citizens Alan Browne, co-owner of a vape shop and member of the Canadian Vaping Association (CVA), was claiming...

Quebec: Vaping is not smoking, but considered as such

Government deemed of assaulting one's free speech rights It is a government assault on one's right to speak freely, to share information and to engage any...

Canada: Saskatchewan municipal leaders for a provincewide solution against vaping

"Even if we just added vaping to the provincial tobacco regulations, we still may end up with a patchwork (of rules) across the province,...

Canada: Self-regulated E-liquid industry

Vaping has been elected by thousands of smokers worldwide to quit smoking, and the success of the method, according to users, is highly dependent on the quality...

Quebec: Health professionals call authorities for reconsidering e-cigarette’s status

The electronic cigarette, "one more tool" A group of health professionals called the Quebec authorities to reconsider their position on the electronic cigarette. Assimilated to tobacco since...

Public health war on vaping: Dragon slayers

An interview of David Sweanor, a tobacco control expert, on the hot topic of the public health war helps better understand this hot topic and...

Diacetyl war: Exagerated risk and skewed conclusions?

"Organizations and institutions live and die by the research grants and the more fear they incite the more funding comes their way." It is...

Canada: Ontario delays ban on vaping in public spaces

A respite for specialty shops The Canadian province of Ontario confirmed,under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, a ban on selling electronic cigarettes to the under-19s on January 1,...

Canada: Online sale of vaping products is illegal in Quebec

"Error 404 - Page Not Found" Since the adoption of Law 44 in Quebec, the vapers are discovering every day new consequences of its implementation. Vaping products were...

Canada: The anger rises among Quebecois professionals

Professionals can expect the visits of inspectors By acting the "law to strengthen the fight against smoking” the Canadian National Assembly also prohibits vaping in specialty stores....