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Australian MPs Launch Petition Against the Health Ministry’s Nicotine Ban

The Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt is pushing the Department of Health to work with Australia’s Border Force on a new approach to e-cigarettes....

Asia Harm Reduction Group Welcomes Hong Kong’s Vape Ban Termination 

In October 2018, a Hong Kong Official had announced a complete ban on e-cigarettes and other innovative tobacco products. However, last week on the...

Celebrating World Vape Day on May 30th

The aim of World Vape Day is raising awareness about the relative safety of e-cigarettes and their potential as harm reduction and smoking cessation...

Asia-Wide Movement Urges the WHO to Support Safer Smoke-Free Alternatives

Last February, tobacco harm reduction advocates from around the world gathered in Makati City to launch #SmokeFree4Life. The movement, spearheaded by the Coalition of...

Harm Reduction Expert: WHO’s Stance on Vaping is Costing Lives

CAPHRA director Nancy Loucas, has recently returned from the Philippines where she attended a meeting in Makati City. During this gathering, CAPHRA and its...