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Speaking to smokers’ heart rather than scaring them?

To expose smokers to happy memories from the past A study published in Communication Research Reports  shows that anti-smoking campaigns should benefit from smokers' positive memories...

The FDA announces a workshop on batteries

With an increasing number of case reports on exploding batteries, the FDA is seeking information during a science-based public workshop to be held on April 19-20, 2017 at...

Agressive marketing tactics dismay retailers

After an email exchange with ProVape's CEO David Flagg, it appears that this content was never written by ProVape, never approved by ProVape. ProVape staff...

Russel : Advertising ban for ecigarettes is a bad idea

In the UK, images of the Electronic Cigarette are only allowed on screens and in commercial advertising under restricted conditions. But the new EU Tobacco Products Directive (EU-TPD) is...