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Agressive marketing tactics dismay retailers

The American brand Provape sent an email that carried a disappointing message. Even if a second email came 3 hours later, the damage was already done. A tactical approach or a mistake?

Update on June 30

After an email exchange with ProVape’s CEO David Flagg, it appears that this content was never written by ProVape, never approved by ProVape. ProVape staff was just as shocked to see the email as everyone else was.

We also want to be known as a company that offers reliable support and services. That hasn’t changed over the many years we’ve worked together and it didn’t change yesterday, despite an email that went out.

ProVape works with a third party marketing company that handles the Social media, newsletters and content writing. They are supposed to write content and pitch the idea and or email before it goes out to customers.

David Flagg still ignores if third-party content writer either had malicious intent or wrote this without understanding that ProVape has a reseller division. Investigation is underway.

I can assure you that none of the ProVape staff or myself feel this way about resellers and we were just as shocked to see that email along with everyone else.

We have spent many years supporting and building relationships with our retail stores and those who know us commented that this content was not something we would write. It didn’t make sense. Let me start by assuring you that we do support our retailers. If not for our resellers, many, many vapers wouldn’t be able to learn about, try out and buy the devices that help them kick their smoking habit.

Yesterday, on its Blog, ProVape released ProVape Store Locator, an application that helps customers find vape store locations.

ProVape, a US vaping brand has emailed customers and among them Dimitris Agrafiotis who released the notre through his facebook page. All received an ad entitled “Buy Independent (Skip Retail Store)“. The note shows the company’s intention to turn their marketing into agressive by recommending to skip vape shops to get better prices on their devices. It nevertheless conceded that vape shops were useful to newcomers for advices. Class!

The note has not be welcomed by the public in an already fragilized context.

It was an unfortunate tactical advertising approach that has dismayed many retailers who freely express on facebook their (bad) feelings about the company.

Even if a corrective email has been sent later by David Flagg, CEO and co-founder, to apologize for “any confusion” and “tactless note” regarding an email send without his approval, the damage was already done.

The director of Marketing, Dr Tim Klerekoper, have not reacted to the “mistake” issued from his services.

Promotion was made by Tim Klerekoper who attended the French Vapexpo event in September 2014. He participated in a debate on innovation and new technical orientations where he pushed forward the new thread system of their mods, which he thought to be of a much better reliability than the classical 510 connector.


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Mark Magenis
Mark Magenis
8 years ago

if they wanted stores to quit stocking their products they should have taken a more direct rout. I was considering it myself, but thats clearly a suicidal business decision.