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The Association Between Smoking, Vaping and Severe COVID-19 Symptoms

The study titled, “Association between smoking, e-cigarette use and severe COVID-19: a cohort study,” comprised of 7 ,869, 534 participants people representative of the population of...

Review Analyzed Whether Heated Tobacco Products Reduced Smoking Prevalence

Heated tobacco products contain about 10- to 25-fold lower carcinogens than cigarettes.Titled, “Heated tobacco products for smoking cessation and reducing smoking prevalence,” the review...

Panel Discussion Reveals Increased Abuse Against THR Advocates

The positive results achieved via tobacco harm reduction are worth the fight.Headlined “The battle between innovation and bully tactics”, the seventh episode of The...

Report by Dr. Farsalinos Explains Why Vape Flavour Bans are Counterproductive

The duty of public health officials is to weigh the benefits and adverse effects of any intervention and check where the balance lies.An episode...

Farsalinos Explains Why Vape Flavours Are Important to Adults 

The risk of dependence on nicotine and the risks associated with e-cigarette use, cannot and shouldn’t be compared to the risks from smoking.While anti-vaping...

THR Experts’ Panel Discussed Bullying and Lies Being Spread About Vaping

Premiered on CAPHRA’s (Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates) Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/caphraorg, and headlined “The battle between innovation and bully tactics,"...

Farsalinos on BMJ Article Which Confused COVID-19 Research With THR

Farsalinos highlighted that the criticism presented by these journalists was not based on an assessment of the mentioned studies, but on allegations about conflicts.In...

Another French Study Looks Into The Use of Nicotine Against COVID-19

"..active smoking does not apparently seem to be significantly associated with enhanced risk of progressing towards severe disease in COVID-19."An earlier study conducted in...
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