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New Taipei: First City in Taiwan to Ban E-Cigarette Sales

The new ordinance bans the importation, sale, manufacture, display or advertising of vaping and heated tobacco products and their components. However individuals in possession...

Indian Study Looking Into Patterns of Tobacco and E-Cigarette Use

Last Summer, the Union Health Ministry had prepared the Prohibition of E-cigarettes Ordinance 2019 for review, and a bill replacing this ordinance was passed...

Australia: Melbourne Council to Vote on Vape Ban in Smoke-Free Zones

Earlier this year, Melbourne’s City council had proposed an amendment that if passed, would ban vaping in the city’s 11 no-smoking areas. Lord mayor...

Phillip Morris: SA’s Cigarette Ban Misses Opportunity to Promote Safer Alternatives

The bans on tobacco products and alcohol sales announced in March, sadly included safer alternatives such as e-cigarettes and snus. Naturally, this had angered...

Australia’s Vape Ban Delayed Following Protests

Last week, the Federal Health Minister of Australia Greg Hunt said that the Department of Health was working with the country’s Border Force towards...

Turkey has Banned the Import of Vapes and HnBs

The ban includes all electronic devices, ie. vaping products, HnBs and all related accessories, parts and refills. In October 2017, Turkey had announced that it...

NY State: Cuomo Targets E-Cig Adverts and Online Sales

Last October, a lawsuit by the VTA, and local businesses Benevolent ELiquids Inc. and Perfection Vapes, stopped a flavour ban proposed for New York...

SF’s Vapers and E-Cig Businesses Worry About E-Cig Sales Ban

In 2019 approx. 80% of SF’s voters cast ballots against Proposition C, a measure which would have repealed the ban, with only just over...