Last October, a lawsuit by the VTA, and local businesses Benevolent ELiquids Inc. and Perfection Vapes, stopped a flavour ban proposed for New York State in its tracks. However in December, the state’s Public Health and Health Planning Council, voted in favour of keeping the emergency ban on the books for another 90 days. Additionally, the state is planning to seek public comment about adding menthol to the list of banned flavours.

The state is planning to seek public comment about adding menthol to the list of banned flavours.

“While our scheduled enforcement of this ban has been delayed by pending litigation, we are confident that the court will agree that this is a public health emergency demanding immediate action to help ensure the well-being of our children,” said spokeswoman for the Department of Health, Jill Montag.

To this effect last week Gov. Cuomo said that he will re-introduce a bill to ban all flavoured vaping products. However this time, the measure will be also targeting e-cig adverts, aiming to stamp out either those aimed at young people, and sadly, also any adverts implying that e-cigarettes can be used for smoking cessation. The latter is tragic given all the scientific evidence available that this is indeed the case. 

“Vaping is a public health crisis, claiming too many lives and making countless others sick in a short period of time,” Cuomo said in a release. “The problem is made worse by unscrupulous vaping companies who are targeting young people with candy-flavored products, like cotton candy and bubblegum and other marketing ploys.”

Ensuring only licensed vape retailers are selling the products

The last part of Cuomo’s four-part proposal would restrict online vape sales, which the governor’s office said allows minors to illegally purchase e-liquids and e-cigarettes. The legislation would rightly permit only licensed vape retailers to sell the products online or via phone or mail order.

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