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UK: ASH Calls For Smoking Cessation Training for Mental Health Staff

Data gathered across the globe keep indicating that mental health patients are more likely to smoke than individuals who do not suffer from psychological...

Today: NNA Webinar on Smokers and Alternative Nicotine Products

Titled: ‘Tried it, didn’t like it: Why do many smokers not get on with alternatives?’, the online webinar discussion with Louise Ross, Hazel Chinnery...

UK Paper: Smoking Cessation For People With Mental Health Conditions

Multiple studies and health entities, such as the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP), have pointed out that mentally ill individuals...

Some optimism in Canada, but the USA generates more alarmist headlines

Canada’s federal government is at last making an effort to clear up the country’s notoriously vague vaping laws - and might be doing a...

UK : Expert suggests offering free e-cig samples to smokers

Louise Ross, Manager at a Stop Smoking Service in Leicester, is attempting to answer the latter. This particular anti-smoking service works closely with Dr...