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FDA: A gloomy future for the US vaping business

What is your position regarding the future regulation of the FDA? Patricia Kovacevic: First, a little reminder. In 2009, the US Congress passed the Family...

USA: FDA is facing numerous legal challenges

The last in date is advertised by the advocacy association CASAA and concerns Right to be Smoke-Free Coalition on behalf of vapor industry. The industry-led...

Nicopure announces legal action against FDA’s deeming rule

"Today we turn to the justice system to protect our rights and the rights of our customers because we believe in its fairness" -P....

USA: FDA’s Deeming Rule explained by an expert

Nicopure’s General Counsel Patricia Kovacevic dissects, in a webminar, the basics of the FDA’s new e-cigarette regulations. In the target of the expert, the Deeming...