Clinical studies reveal several benefits of vaping against smoking

The Swedish research team said that because of their nicotine content, besides blood clots, vaping may even damage small blood vessels and raise heart rate and blood pressure. The study concluded that these a new effects are similar to those caused by traditional cigarettes, and therefore raises the concern as to whether long-term vaping could help cause heart attacks or strokes.

“Our results suggest that using e-cigarettes that contain nicotine have similar impacts on the body as smoking traditional cigarettes,” said study author Gustaf Lyytinen, a clinician at Helsingborg Hospital and researcher at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. “This effect on blood clots is important because we know that in the long-term this can lead to clogged-up and narrower blood vessels, and that of course puts people at risk of heart attacks and strokes,” Lyytinen explained in a society news release.

Meanwhile, countless studies such as one conducted by researchers from the University of Auckland, found that of all NRTs, nicotine-containing vaping products are the most effective at helping smokers quit cigarettes successfully. In line with previous studies, the researchers found that people who used patches in conjunction with a nicotine containing e-cigarette, were more likely to remain smoke free, than those who used patches combined with a nicotine-free e-cigarette.

Vapes for smoking cessation

Study author Professor Dr. Natalie Walker emphasized that the devices should only be used by current smokers wishing to quit. “If we promoted using patches with a nicotine e-cigarette in New Zealand, where about 512,000 people smoke regularly, we would support 15,000 to 36,000 more people to become smoke free. That’s a lot of people whose lives could be changed for the better.”

In line with experts from around the world, the researcher explained that whilst nicotine is addictive, the main issue with cigarettes is the other chemicals such as tar. “Nicotine is what makes people want cigarettes but it’s the tar and around 4000 other harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke that cause cancer, heart disease, lung problems and other smoking-related illnesses. It’s those other chemicals, not the nicotine, which kill up to two out of every three smokers.”

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