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IQOS Market Share Increases as Other HnBs Struggle

In 2019, PMI posted a 44.2% increase in iQOS shipments, to 59.7bn units, with a 40.7% rise to 17.1bn units in the last quarter...

Japan Tobacco Launches Two Heat-not-Burn Products

In the last three years, both PMI and Japan Tobacco Inc. have struggled to keep up with the demand of their own electronic devices....

Japan Tobacco to launch new HnB device this year

JTI is planning to spend over 100 billion yen ($917.43 million) over the next three years on development and production of RRPs.In the last...

BAT to start selling its own HNB product in Japan

Japan is the world’s fifth biggest tobacco market, and is the only country where three HNB products are currently on the market. The first...