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Nautilus 2 – Aspire

Design: An update of the Nautilus Mini Visually, Nautilus 2 reuses the rounded shapes that made the success of the Nautilus Mini, an appearance that wasn't...

Vapor Giant Mini V4 – Niko Vapor

Mini… Austrian style I have had the pleasure to test the Austrian brand with the version 3 of this Vapor Giant Mini. Mini is Austrian euphemism because...

Demon Hunter RDTA – Smokjoy

As its name suggests it, Smokjoy's Demon Hunter RDTA is a reconstructible top coil atomizer. With a diameter of 25 mm and a length of...

Air 50S Micro Kit – Smokjoy

Composed of the Air 50S TC electronic box and the Smokjoy's Air Tank, the Air 50S Micro Kit is compact. The box is 61 mm...

Conqueror Mini RTA – Wotofo

Well equipped, as usual With its 39 mm high (10 more than the Serpent Mini) for 22 mm in diameter, the Conqueror Mini is compact...

Ammit – GeekVape

Simple, robust and performant Its name, Ammit, comes from an old Egyptian goddess, the "soul-eater" whose body was part lion, hippopotamus and crocodile—the three largest "man-eating" animals known to...

Corona – Steampipes

Steampipes Corona, masterizing top coil atomizers Let's be direct, I never felt trying this German brand before for a simple reason: I hate top coil...

Lemo 3 by Eleaf

  Let's get right to the point: the Lemo 3 is undeniably a real producer of vapor. The good news is that it is very...

Serpent Mini by Wotofo

Compact and single coil Nowadays, the race to power and bigger clouds is what drives the vaping industry, offers for rebuildable atomizer in single coil configuration...

Nautilus X by Aspire

Esthetic revolution It has been a heavy task for Aspire and its engineers to conceptualize a clearomizer, successor for the brand's best-seller Nautilus Mini, as...