Let’s get right to the point: the Lemo 3 is undeniably a real producer of vapor. The good news is that it is very good at rendering the flavors of your favorite e-juices and the dual airflow system is absolutely not restrictive in that. E-liquid supply follows the pace and, because of their size, also cope with the thickest juices. The drip-tip coated inside with Delrin has a beautiful stainless steel finish and a diameter of 10 mm. Everything combines to produce huge clouds.


It’s now obvious that it’s good at that. The Lemo 3 also remains at a reasonable temperature without overheating, provided that the power is not set to 80 W and puffs chained. Eleaf’s finish is very good and the brand provides many spare parts in the package, including yellow tweezers and precision screwdriver.

The Lemo 3 can be used as a rebuildable with a RBA desk that accepts two coils like the two 0.45 Ω Clapton coils included in the package. It is however regrettable that it only possesses two holes. The mounting would have been made much simpler with four holes, one for each coil tip.

Lemo 3 can also be used with the disposable coils available in Eleaf’s catalogue: EC Head SS316 in 0.30 Ω (60-80 W), EC Head Notch coil 0.25 Ω (30-60 W). Bot are already very efficient between 30 and 40 W. At 80 W the upper limit is reached with a fast-heating Lemo 3.

The Lemo 3 gets everything but why so many screws?

Whatever the configuration, RBA desk or disposable coil system, the Lemo 3 is efficient at producing vapor. A beautiful dense and tasty steam. So, is the Lemo 3 really flawless? Unfortunately not.

It uses too many small screws. Instead of screwing the RBA desk’s bell, you will have to secure it with two small screws on each side. When switching from a reconstructible to a disposable coil system, the same operation is required.

Besides the fact that a screw driver is all the time necessary, it also requires a lot of dexterity to operate. The main risk being of course to loose one of those tiny screws. It is unfortunate and even prohibitive for some of use who don’t feel comfortable with such procedures.

Technical review

The main features are:

  • Material: stainless steel, Pyrex and Delrin
  • Stainless steel Drip-tip insulated with Delrin
  • Tank: 4 ml
  • Threaded 510
  • A desk for disposable EC heads
  • A RBA desk for rebuildable systems
  • EC Head SS316 0.30 Ω (60-80 W)
  • EC Head Notch coil 0.25 Ω (30-60 W)
  • Two clapton coils and organic cotton
  • Spare screws and O-rings
  • Tweezers and screwdriver
  • Spare pyrex tank and a vape band
  • User manual
  • Length (including drip-tip): 62 mm
  • Diameter: 23 mm
  • Weight: 51 g
  • Color: silver

In summary

The “+”:

  • Dense and tasty vapor
  • Top-filling
  • Profusion of spare parts
  • Large volume
  • Does not heat
  • No leakage, no spit

The “-“:

  • Painful switch between rebuildable and disposable
  • RBA desk secured with small screws
  • Not easy to mount coils with one hole for 2 wires
  • No chamber reducer to use it in single coil
  • Drip-tip is loose


Rating 3.8/5. Taking into account the sole pleasure of use, vapers who love big clouds will be delighted by Eleaf’s Lemo 3. Vapor is dense and tasty from 30-35 W on. Starting at 50 W, clouds really become huge. It could have been a very aerial and versatile atomizer but Eleaf has been using so many small screws everywhere, which complicates the life of users when they try to switch from rebuildable to disposable settings or to secure the RBA desk’s bell.

Value for money
Vaping quality
Manufacturing quality
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