Simple, robust and performant

Its name, Ammit, comes from an old Egyptian goddess, the “soul-eater” whose body was part lion, hippopotamus and crocodile—the three largest “man-eating” animals known to ancient Egyptians. For GeekVape, it is a single coil rebuildable atomizer of a tank capacity of 3.5 ml. Its length is 55 mm with the drip-tip and its diameter is 22 mm at its base, 23 mm for the tank.

As usual with the Chinese manufacturer, the package is complete with one spare Pyrex tank, several O-rings and screws as well as a multi-function tool. The finish is very good and screw threads are of an excellent quality. The overall aspect perspires solidity, which is confirmed upon use.

The top-filling system by unscrewing the top-cap is easy to operate thanks to the two large openings. The drip-tip, quite large with 0.9 cm, is in Delrin and does not heat.

The two liquid inlets are adjustable by rotation of the tank. The dual Airflow system, a cyclopean-type, has 5 positions from completely locked to completely open. Unfortunately, the first position is already very aerial and for a tight vaping style, do prefer positioning the cursor at the halfway point. The last position is offers a quasi unrestricted vaping with the dual-airflow wide open.

For a mount in single-coil, I would have preferred a tighter vaping style. I also deplore that the airflow ring, of a diameter of 22 mm, is poorly accessible in the main body of the atomizer of a diameter of 23 mm. However, with its base in 22 mm, it fits flush with most boxes.

Technical features of the Ammit by GeekVape

  • Height: 55 mm
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Weight: 61 g
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Capacity: 3.5 ml
  • Tank: Pyrex
  • Threaded in 510, gold plated
  • Adjustable dual airflow
  • Adjustable liquid supply
  • Top filling
  • Single coil only

The package includes:

  • One Ammit by GeekVape
  • One spare Pyrex Tank
  • Spare O-rings and screws
  • One multi-function tool
  • A user manual

“3D” Airflow “3D”, a success

The mounting base is well designed. Inspired from the Velocity, it has two single-entry plots for a mounting one coil. The wholes are wide and compatible with the thickest wires. Take good care to correctly tighten the screws because the screw become loose easily. Another important point is to cut the resistance’s legs very short after the plots to avoid a short-circuit with the metal bell.

The Airflow system in “3D” is innovative with a mounting base drilled with two different types of air inlets. Two wholes at the bottom of the base aerate the bottom of the coil and three wholes on its side ventilate the rest of the coil. It results a high efficiency at producing vapor, not only in terms of volume but also for the rendering of flavors.

Easy going

Wicking the coil is simple, the cotton must dip in the gutter on both sides. Attention must be paid not to stuff too much to avoid dry hits. Feel free to cut some fibres if it is too thick.

At use, the Ammit is performant. Even if it can be used for MTL vaping it works best for DL inhalation. Vapor is abundant, dense and tasty, even at low power. I generally vape between 25 and 30 W, I found myself satisfied, vaping below 20 W with a 0.6 Ω resistance coil. At last, liquid consumption and and autonomy are the winners, for the same pleasure.

On top of that, it is easy going. It doesn’t leak, even in the roughest conditions of use, and if one takes the habit to shut down liquid supplies, seepage is almost is absent, a performance in this range.

In summary

The “+”:

  • Easy going
  • Very good rendering of flavors
  • Good volume of vapor, even at low power
  • Easy to mount
  • No leakage
  • Low liquid consumption
  • Well finished
  • Robust
  • Excellent value for money

The “-“:

  • Design with a base in 22 and a tank in 23 mm
  • Sometimes too aerial


Rating of 4.1/5. The Ammit by GeekVape is a very good surprise in the wide offer of rebuildable atomizers. For the rendering of flavors and the density of vapor, it is the top level. Furthermore, nothing or almost nothing comes to spoil your enjoyment. It is particularly easy going, easy to mount and with no leakage. With a neater design, it would have been perfect, but this is just my taste.

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