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COVID-19 Update: NY State Considers Six-Week Ban on Cigarettes

Data from Italy has indicated that the country’s high Coronavirus death rate, currently at 10%, is highly correlated to the high smoking rates amongst...

Japan’s Government Passes The First Nationwide Smoking Ban

This measure will raise the World Health Organization’s grading of Japan’s anti-smoking efforts by one rank, to the second-lowest level.The ban will be implemented...

More UK vapers quit smoking as FDA faces shake-up

Number of UK switchers rises above 50% Action on Smoking and Health are increasingly unpopular with vaping advocates thanks to their support for excessive regulations,...

Japan: The fear of secondhand smoke to propagate to heat-not-burn cigarettes?

A revision of the law may prohibit smoking in public places Japan is currently revising its Health Promotion Law to include provisions against passive smoking. The...

New York : Vaping in public spaces remains illegal

The plaintiffs were New York City C.L.A.S.H. (Citizens Lobbying Against Smoker Harassment) and Russell Wishtart, a vaping show radio host. Their argument was that...

Washington : Does the Public Housing smoking ban apply to vaping?

The idea is for smoking to be banned inside all 940,000 public housing units nationwide by late 2018. The Department of Housing and Urban...