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UK: York Schools Launch Vaping and Smoking Campaign for Stoptober

Stoptober, is organized by National Health Service (NHS) UK and is a campaign that encourages smokers to quit cigarettes for the month of October,...

Monaco’s Stop Smoking Initiative

Translated into “Me/Month Without Tobacco,” Monaco's quit smoking campaign, which is now in its fifth year, encourages smokers to quit their habit for just...

Kiwi Vape Group Says NZ is Missing Out by Skipping Stoptober

Stoptober, a yearly campaign created by Public Health England (PHE) launched in 2012, encourages smokers in the UK and across the globe to quit...

UK Vapers Can Finally Benefit From Cheaper Insurance Premiums

Last year, the fact that insurance companies were still imposing a “smoker’s surcharge” on e-cigarette users made headlines. “It is just not fair,” said...

Sales of Vaping Products in UK Jails top £65,000 a Week

In 2017, efforts to implement a smoking ban in UK prisons, led to a series of riots. This ban had been introduced over a...

US study finds that e-cig adverts may encourage smokers to quit

According to the report published on NBER, there are four times as many nicotine replacement therapy ads than e-cigarette commercials around, and the researchers...

How smoking drains your pockets in more ways than you think

Many smokers in the UK are observing Stoptober, and others have perhaps considered it. Stoptober, is a campaign organized by National Health Service (NHS),...

Unreasonable 160% tax on e-liquids in Chicago

This was the argument made by a vaper on the site Steve K’s Vaping World, regarding the topic of the over taxation of vaping...
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