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About Hawaii’s Proposed Vape Flavour Ban

In 2009, the federal Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act of Hawaii had prohibited flavours, including fruit and candy flavouring in combustible cigarettes, but...

US: Connecticut Proposes a Ban on Flavoured E-Cigarettes

Despite evidence to the contrary, the proposed Senate Bill 367 assumes that a flavour ban would reduce teen vaping rates.Just like other Northeast States'...

Canada’s Proposed Flavour Ban Seems to be Losing Steam

In 2021 the Canadian Government proposed a ban on flavoured vape products except tobacco, mint, and menthol. A statement from the Canadian Vaping Association...

Report by Dr. Farsalinos Explains Why Vape Flavour Bans are Counterproductive

The duty of public health officials is to weigh the benefits and adverse effects of any intervention and check where the balance lies.An episode...
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