In 2021 the Canadian Government proposed a ban on flavoured vape products except tobacco, mint, and menthol. A statement from the Canadian Vaping Association (CVA) at the time, highlighted it was disappointed by the proposed regulation which was aimed to address what they referred to as “misguided moral panic”, instead of “supporting the greatest harm reduction opportunity of our lifetime.” “We have repeatedly shared the science on vaping,” said Darryl Tempest, executive director of the CVA.

Fast forward a year, and discussing the proposed ban in an episode of Regulator Watch renowned infectious disease specialist and harm reduction advocate Dr. Mark Tyndall, disclosed that he believes that the proposal may be losing steam. He highlighted that while the flavour ban was put forward almost a year ago, so far there has been no word on actually setting it into motion.

Dr. Farsalinos: The Case for Flavours

A new report by renowned cardiologist and smoking cessation researcher Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, also recently discussed on RegWatch, titled “The Case for Flavours,” lists the negative effects of vape flavour bans on public health.

The report highlights that ultimately flavour bans are a form of prohibition, which would only fuel the growth of a massive black market and also an increase in smoking rates, as many vapers would turn back to smoking. Dr. Farsalinos discusses his multidimensional review of the use of flavours in nicotine vapes and offers his recommendations to regulators.

The CVA Discusses The CDC’s Hasty Conclusions About Vape Flavours



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