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African Countries Advised to Diversify From Tobacco Farming

Tobacco-dependent countries which will delay moving away from the crop are being warned that not switching will have disastrous effects on their economies in...

Malawi’s President Urges The Tobacco Industry to Switch to Cannabis

The tobacco industry has been using lobby groups to kill any efforts by policymakers to implement tobacco regulations in developing countries. The economies of...

Zimbabwe: Tobacco Sales Drop by 44%

Data from the industry regulator Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) has indicated that after 53 days of trade, tobacco sales were at $292,8...

The Declining Tobacco Production in Tanzania

If former tobacco farmers were to be trained, equipped and supported to switch to farming food, rather than tobacco, it would be a win...

Smoking Impacts the Environment as Negatively as it Does One’s Health

The report, authored by scientists from Imperial College London, was presented last week at the WHO’s FCTC COP8. While most reports focus on the...

The Disruption to Tobacco Farming in Developing Countries

The economies of a number of poor countries, namely some Asian and African countries, are dependent on tobacco farming. Due to the advent of...