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Biebert’s documentary film “A Billion Lives” echoes the billion lives shortened due to smoking in the 21st century. He shows vaping pattern as a way to fight against tobacco and wonders why a method that could save so many lives is still discouraged or prohibited in many countries.

Facebook’s censorship has been removed following community protest” Aaron says.

This decision follows a significant support from the international vaping community to the moviemaker’s claims on the social network.

The team “A billion lives” aimed at promoting of their documentary by using one of the paid solutions offered by Facebook to broadcast their clip movie. The social network’s ads team had rejected the clip, invoking the prohibited content policy and arguing that the film was dealing with a tobacco product. A misinterpretation?

You pretend that our movie is a tobacco product but we try to help people quit smoking.You promise to do a more open World, but in reality you close it” wrote Biebert in his letter.

A-billion-lives-FacebookThe director’s protest has been read by over 40,000 people. This communication was accompanied by a well-stocked petition.

“Facebook’s censorship has been removed following the community’s protests” triumphantly announced the director a few hours later. He welcomes this decision and thanks all those who supported his claim. A fine example of solidarity that is characteristic of the vape community.

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