“Innovating beyond e-cigarettes”

The MHRA recently issued the authorization for the Voke, nevertheless a secondary authorization is required to make this type of product available to the public, and the company will only be allowed to launch its e-cigarette in the United Kingdom after this step.

The Voke 0.45mg Inhaler is categorized in the “other nicotine products” by the British company whose main business is in tobacco. But the company also develops nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) for smokers and is continuously seeking to innovate in this domain.

The Voke® concept was born in the context of smoking cessation aid that does not give the feeling to the user of being under treatment, of being a patient undertaking a therapy because most smokers do not feel having a disease.

A nicotine inhaler, this is a perfect definition of the device, and even an innovative one, if one refers to their website. The device is intended to deliver a nicotine formulation via a breath operated valve. The device is a cigarette sized medical inhaler whose tubular shape recalls its combusting relative.

In addition to delivering nicotine in order to prevent smoking relapse, it also mimics gestures associated to smoking: a pressurized container is used to refill the device that delivers its nicotine dose (0.43 mg of nicotine) without using any heating system, potentially dangerous battery or flavored e-liquid. The experience is claimed to ressemble smoking without the disadvantage of carrying harmful combustion chemicals.

“Voke® contains no electronics, heat or combustion and will rival e-cigarettes and nicotine-replacement therapies when launched.”

The medical e-cigarette is far away from its electronic sisters that are using a battery and a resistor to vaporize and e-liquid.
The medical e-cigarette is far away from its electronic sisters that are using a battery and a resistor to vaporize and e-liquid.

Kevin Bridgman from Nicoventures believes this solution can seduce a certain type of audience that is still reluctant to use traditional electronic cigarette. Many smokers should indeed be reassured of the approval of this device as “medicine”.

The Voke will only be delivered to over-18s and it seems obvious that it will fall under the legal restrictions imposed to the electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS).

It seems legitimate to wonder whether this new generation of e-cigarettes, with a strong medical fingerprint, will help public to accept other types of e-cigarettes, like cigalikes, Box Mods or electronic heated tobacco devices? Does this measure taken by the UK on behalf of several Health organizations have the potential to change the opinion of politics with regard to the vaporizer?

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