To have a chance to be publicly defended in an open session of the German Parliament (“Bundestag”), any petition must reach the threshold of 50,000 signatures within a month (image Fotolia) is a British website intended for vapers and maintained on a daily bases by vapers. It aims at gathering information with regard to vaping and at making it available, through it pages, to the public. Here is a German Campaign against Art 20 TPD that is highlighted by the British website.

“Don’t implement Art 20 TPD!”’s original document is an english guideline in order to fill up the electronic forms to support a German petition before January 20, 2016.

To have a chance to be publicly defended in an open session of the German Parliament (“Bundestag”), any petition must reach the threshold of 50,000 signatures within a month. Unfortunately the chances of getting that much support from the German vapers alone are scarce, this is the reason why an international call has been launched on Facebook and has been taken over the internet for non-Facebook users.

The registration is mandatory for filling up the petition and a mail is sent back to subscribers to confirm their participation. The authors insist on the authenticity of the data that each co-signer is entering to validate the form.$$$.a.u.html
Deadline: 2016-01-20





How to register to sign petitions at the official German Parliament (Bundestag) site.
This is a part of their web site which they only offer in German. I’ll describe the inputs:
1. Don’t check this. This is only for german electronic id cards.
2. Your email address. This is also what you’ll use to log in later
3. Chose a password. It must be at least 8 characters long and contain one upper case, one lower case letter, and one other (number or special character)
4. int that the password isn’t acceptable yet.
5. Repeat the password
6. –
7. Optional: Your nickname. you can only choose it once. No changing later. Your real name is never shown publicly. It’s either your nick or a generated numbered id that is shown.
8. Optional: Check this if you want (optional) posts in the forum to be signed with your nick (7). Unchecked they’ll use that generated id.
9. Mandatory: Confirms that you have read data protection declaration and how your data are used. (links)
10. Mandatory: Confirms that you accept the terms of use (link)Now the address data. Please answer truthfully. Fakes would cast doubt on all signatures.
11. Select if you male (Herr) or female (Frau)
12. Optional: A title (Dr, Ph D, …)
13. Mandatory: First name
14. Mandatory: Last name
15. Optional: c/o
16. Mandatory: Street and number
17. Mandatory: numeric postal code
18. Mandatory: town
19. Mandatory: Select your country! (UK use “GB – Great Britain”)
20. Optional: name of your organisation or company
21. Optional: phone number
22. Finish registration

A more compact version of this how-to as a FB-photo:



To sign a petition you just click on the link to the petition$$$.a.u.html


1. “Petition mitzeichnen” means: “Sign Petition”. Click here to do it.
– If you aren’t logged in, this will take you to the login screen.
– If you already are logged in this is all you need to do to sign.
– If it says “Mitzeichnung entfernen”, then you already have signed this petition and clicking here will remove your signature again.

2. optional “Anmelden” means “login”. This button is on every page. It also takes you to a slightly different login screen. When it says “Abmelden” it means you already are logged in and you may log out here.


When you clicked on “Petition mitzeichnen” you’ll usually see this screen:

1. “Ich bin bereits registriert” means: “I’m already registered”. ‘
This is the screen you usually stay on, if you already have registered once.
2. “Ich bin neu hier” means: “I’m new here”.
Click here if you haven’t registered yet. It will take you to the registration screen.
3. Don’t check this. It’s only for Germans with a new electronic ID card and a reader.
4. Enter the email address you gave during the registration.
5. Enter your password here
You may click here if you forgotten your password. You’ll get some mail.
7. Select this option, if you want your name to appear in the list of supporters. (Please do.)
8. If this is selected your signature only shows with an anonymous name like “user12345”
9. “Jetzt anmelden und mitzeichnen” means: “Log in now and sign the petition”.
When all else is filled, click here and you’re done.

Many thanks to Norbert @N_Zillatron for the translation

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