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VPZ Bids for Essential Status

The UK vaping industry, led by retailer VPZ, is fighting for essential status to stay open during the ongoing and future lockdowns brought on...

Petition Vape Wave: Facebook’s censorship on a pro-vape documentary

Facebook is definitely not "vape -friendly" After censoring sponsored posts of Aaron Biebert's documentary A Billion Lives, it is now Jan Kounen with his production, Vape Wave, who undergoes the prohibition on advertising...

Germany: Vapers’ voices will be heard by MPs in April

A representative of the IG-ED, a German vaping advocacy association will be received on April 11, 2016 for a public hearing at the Bundestag. This is the...

Petition: Belgian vapers mobilize against the Royal decree

Earlier, this month, a Royal Decree was published referring to “the manufacturing and the marketing of e-cigarettes”. The text is a transposition of the...

Petition: Tell Facebook vaping products are not tobacco products

The petition initiated by Kevin Price has already received more than 9,000 support testimonies and will probably reach the 10,000 in the coming hours. It attracts...

Petition to the German Parliament: 50,656 signatures

The petition defended by German vapers against Art 20TPD and highlighted by the British website Vapers.org.uk has reached the quorum with more than 50,000 signatures to be publicly defended in an open...

Petition to the German Parliament

Vapers.org.uk is a British website intended for vapers and maintained on a daily bases by vapers. It aims at gathering information with regard to vaping...

British vapers continue to mobilize against Article 20 of TPD

With the support of the British government for the electronic cigarette, the British vapers continue to mobilize against the too strict framework around the electronic...