The Italian researcher, Riccardo Polosa, was elected almost unanimously for leading the European workgroup on the development of methods and laboratory tests for emissions from electronic cigarettes.

riccardo-polosa (2)
Director of the Center for Smoking Prevention and Treatment of the University of Catania (Italy), founder and scientific consultant of the Italian League for Tobacco Control (LIAF)

The second meeting of the technical committee CEN/TC 437 “Electronic cigarettes and e- liquids” was held in Brussels on January 29, 2016, at the CEN that is responsible for developing technical standards of quality and safety for the production and sale of electronic cigarettes in Europe, in accordance with the Directive 2014/40/EU, the so-called EU TPD.

“I am proud of the result of this vote and proud to represent here the University of Catania. It is a great responsibility that I will carry on with all the effort possible. I will work to ensure that standardization activities are more streamlined but at the top there will always be respect for the health and satisfaction of the end user.” -Prof R. Polosa
The technical panel was constituted by the delegations of national standards bodies of 16 European countries, including UNI for Italy, represented by prof Riccardo Polosa (Head of Delegation – University of Catania) and Andrea Puglisi (Worldwide Product Regulatory Affair Manager ofJapan Tobacco International). The composition of the workgroups is varied and takes account of all relevant stakeholders including manufacturers of e-liquid, multinational tobacco companies, dealers’ associations, consumer associations, associations of producers, importers and distributors as well as the authority for the protection of public health.


The first important step towards the adoption of the European Directive on Tobacco by the Member States of the EU, was the approval of a joint action plan that includes:

  1. The development and adoption of a common terminology for the harmonization of regulatory documents for standards of quality and safety;
  2. The definition of priorities for working groups in charge of the development of the standards of production, safety and quality;
  3. The approval of standards on labelling and information on the formulation of liquids;
  4. The development of methods of laboratory tests for the qualitative and quantitative measurement of vapors emitted from electronic cigarettes.

Four separate workgroups have been created within the technical committee TC 437 and their respective Presidents subsequently elected.

The new chairman will therefore have to coordinate the work of fifty European experts for the development of toxicological tests for aerosol emissions by electronic cigarettes, and the definition of the relevant standards of quality and safety.

Source: LIAF

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Bill Godshall
Bill Godshall
8 years ago

Congratulations to Riccardo. He is the most knowledgeable, qualified and respected person for this challenge.