The Royal decree that transposes the European Tobacco Products Directive in the Belgian law for e-cigarettes has been published on March 3, 2016. Among the few degrees of freedom that provided the Directive, the Belgian government has chosen the most severe strictness.

  • The text prohibits online sales of vaping products,
  • The notification fee for each new product is set to 4,000 €,
  • Manufacturers and importers have 6 months after May 20, 2016 to comply with the notification procedures of all the products present on the market on this date,
  • The maximum volume of the exchangeable cartridges and re-fillable tanks is set to 2 ml,
  • The packaging will show the following warning: “The nicotine contained in this product creates a strong dependence. Its use by non-smokers is not recommended”.


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  1. 🙁
    And with TPD and EU the rest of Europe will follow…

    ***Keep on vaping***

  2. An example on how badly the interpretations of TPD article 20 can become. I expect Big Pharma and Big Tobacco are laughing their arses off.

  3. If nicotine creates such a strong dependence then why do us that vape always reduce our nicotine consumption with lower nicotine and often zero nicotine content juices? As ever people who have no clue what they are talking about are making decisions that they are not qualified too make!!

    • the expectations to this movie is enormous 😉
      I really hope that they will expose all the money and lobbyism and so on that is in this game – with all the scaremongering and lies they tell!
      it’s all just a lie from the big tobacco companies and the pharma industry 🙁 just so they can keep their customers

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