VaporFlask, the Sino-American box in its “classic” 150 W version with a dual battery in 18,650 and a temp control

This brand adopted the shape of an old flask for its boxes. The design is special but adapted for a box of this size and of this weight. Its price, quite high but not as expensive as the highest range, sets this box at the top of the market.

But beware, I wrote Sino-American because this box, although patented in the USA by Vapor Forward, is in fact manufactured in China by Wismec, the company that recently introduced massive boxes hosting three batteries, the Reuleaux.

The main impact of such co-branding is that the chipset is no more the DNA but that embarked in the last boxes produced by Joyetech. The funniest part is that the concurrent brands, by this process, tend to homogenize their products.

The quality of the vape is certainly guaranteed but, in final, the differences between the products rather address the design, the finishing touch and the manufacturing quality.

The VaporFlask then proposes the last technologies but also shows some imperfections.

For this price, the VaporFlask Classic will bring you all the currently available technology with the power and the autonomy of a dual battery set in 18,650 that are accessible via a magnetic lid, as for the Vapor Shark, its famous American cousin. It is smarter and more usable than what is proposed, for example by Provape for its Radius.

As usual, you will have to cope with some imperfections. For example, the magnetic lid is, on my device, not well adjusted to the body. There remains a gap at the top left of the atomizer.

The battery compartment is also too narrow and the little string that helps removing the batteries may prevent the lid from closing if not carefully placed.

The finish is of an overall good quality but it keeps fingerprints that rapidly cover the surface of the box.

This VaporFlask is targeted for a public of vapers aiming at purchasing a high-tech material, sober but with a different signature than that of tubes or cobblestone boxes.

The non-classical format of this box is well achieved and hides pretty well the two batteries in 18,650. The bean-shape is also quite ergonomic provided that your hands are large enough.

If it is the case, it logically falls in the ideal position in the palm of your hand. However, the bean-shape will oblige left-handed the vaper to use his thumb while the right-handed will classically use his index.

With the two batteries, it is a heavy but pretty usable box. Its chipset guarantees the vaping quality, according to 2016 standards

The packaging is, like the Provari, rather poor and reminds that of the Chinese clones. The overall finish is good but not completely at the level expected for its price, except for the wiring and the thread.

The magnetic lid is very usable but remains a bit loose into the hand. I lost one of the four magnets after 3 days of use. Fortunately, I could find it afterward.

It is a true box. This VaporFlask is large, heavy but without excess when considered the two large batteries it embarks. Its thickness of 22 mm allows it to accept all the atomizers of this size but not beyond, for the aesthetics. This may be of importance for your choice of this box, so be aware.

The control of the autonomy is the weakness of our vaporizers. With this VaporFlask Classic 150 W, it is no longer a problem. The two batteries in 18,650 roughly correspond to my daily use and, if you need more, the battery compartment is very accessible thanks to its magnetic lid. You can also use the USB to charge it. This VapoFlask, thanks to its design and its weight, is very stable in the vertical charging position.

The overall assembly is excellent, besides my issue with the magnetic lid. The metallic buttons are well integrated to the frame and their usability is also excellent. The Fire is neither too small nor too large and, overall, noiseless.

The little setting buttons may however be activated inadvertently by the palm of your hand when handling the box, if you are a left-handed and thumb-user.

The screen is inherited from the old DNA style. It is readable, a little bit too small for me but its position on the side is classical. The main features are present but this kind of display looks old and cheap for the orientation of this object on the market.

This VaporFlask Classic 150 W, from Vape Forward/Wismec and manufactured in China holds its promises compared to the concurrence without making the user extremely enthusiastic. For a dual-battery box, one must recognize a very good usability.

Technical review

The main features are:

  • 1 round switch in metal and two setting buttons on the side
  • Dimensions (mm): 62/22/92
  • Weight: 215 g, around 315g with the batteries
  • Compatibility: 510 (with spring)
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Type of battery: 18,650 (included)
  • Discharge current must be > 25 A
  • Compatible coils: 0.05-3.5 Ohms for the TC-Ni, TC-Ti and TC-SS modes, and 0.1-3.5 Ohms for the VW mode.
  • Temperature control mode TC-Ni, TC-Ti, TC-SS, TCR
  • Temperature range: 100-315°C/ 200-600°F (mode TC-Ni/TC-Ti/TC-SS)
  • Power range: 1-150 W
  • OLED display (white)
  • Information: Nominal Power (W) and/or temperature, Coil temperature, Type of Coil (in Ohm), Battery level and output power.
  • Available in a Black, White or Metallic finish
  • In the pack:
    • 1 box VaporFlask Classic 150 W
    • 1 USB wire
    • 1 User Manual

An overall good vaping quality, a simplified temperature control with sometimes an early start of the temperature limiter. At first, let’s notice that the concurrent chipsets tend to adapt to the current norm that is to accept a large spectrum of resistive materials. An expert mode allows one to adjust the temperature coefficient according to the coil, like in the Pipeline Pro 2 by Dicode. Your box will then accept Nickel, Titanium and Stainless steel.

It is possible to upgrade the firmware version to v2.0 on Wismec’s website to get the TCR mode, if you really need it. The chipset is the same as for the Reuleaux.

This box is easy to use and quite intuitive, especially for the temperature control mode. Logically, the calibration is present and its menu relatively accessible.

In the Temp Control mode, a calibration is required prior to start vaping

As for many other manufacturers, I deplore the absence of warning with regard to the requirement of a coil calibration prior to the use of the temp control mode and each time the coil is changed. It is true that I am repeating it again and again but this is in the interest of the newcomer and of the beginner.

With this VaporFlask, it is very simple. First, click four times on the Fire to get the Mode selection menu. Second, select between Ni, Ti, SS or Watts by clicking once on the Fire. Third, screw your atomizer on to your box and click on both the bottom and the Fire buttons until a locker appears instead of the Ohm symbol. Then, you’re done!

On an everyday use, the settings are intuitive as well. You can easily set up the small buttons at the same time saves your settings. This is particularly useful since the shape of the box and the location of the control buttons may lead to inadvertently change the settings.

While writing these lines, I am using a 0.14 Ohm Nickel Coil by Eleaf mounted on a Melo 2 and at a temperature of 275°C.

Of course, you can switch to left-handed use (reverted display) by pressing at the same time the Fire and the + when the box is OFF. You can also choose to switch off the screen display.

The battery level is indicated on the screen and relatively reliable but not precise enough for the two batteries. It would have been more interesting to see the remaining autonomy in terms of %.

This VaporFlask is, to me, a very good box in the mid-range of the market. The presence of two batteries and its special shape will probably more appeal the male vaper, because of its heavy weight and large size.

This same shape also allows you to easily hide it in the pocket of a vest or of a pair of trousers. VaporFlask possesses all the standards of 2016. I however have not been impressed by the quality. I remain disturbed by the loose magnetic lid of my specimen and the numerous fingerprints that now cover its black body.

In summary

The “+”:

  • Shape particularly adapted to a dual battery design
  • 2 interchangeable batteries in 18,650
  • Good battery life
  • Good quality of the Fire
  • Chipset allowing a good vaping quality
  • Finish of the 510 thread
  • Good assembling quality
  • Passthrough USB charging on the side of the box
  • Power: 150 W, comfortable when used in temp control mode
  • Compliance with any current type of coil
  • Discrete brand logo
  • USB upgrade to v2.0 via Wismec’s website

The “-“:

  • Loose magnetic lid
  • Heavy weight
  • Small screen
  • Thickness 22 mm
  • Battery level display not accurate for the presence of 2 batteries
  • Finish keeps fingerprints
  • Absence of warning for the necessity of a coil calibration
  • Price a bit too high for the overall quality and compared to the Chinese concurrence


Rating 3.1/5. The price is not an advantage for the market place of this box compared to the concurrents sharing the same chipset. In addition, for this price, a loose lid is not acceptable.


Manufacturing quality
Vaping Quality
Price for the value
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Reviewer for the past 3 years, I've tried most of the popular products available on the market. My conclusion about the best vaporizer ? The one that simply fits your need and makes you forget tobacco.
vaporflask-classic-150-wThe price is not an advantage for the market place of this box compared to the concurrents sharing the same chipset. In addition, for this price, a loose lid is not acceptable. I have to admit that the design is appealing and its shape as a liquor flask takes us back to the era of Prohibition. Maybe an anticipation of what is to be expected in a close future?