The bill rejected: 27 votes against, 26 votes in favor

The Welsh Assembly voted on March 16, 2016 against the bill that includes measures prohibiting the use of electronic cigarettes in public places such as schools, restaurants and public transports. The nationalist party Plaid Cymru has tipped the scales in vapers’ favor by deciding at the last minute to vote against the law.

The Health Minister, Mark Drakeford, expressed his strong disappointment with the vote of the Assembly, and the Prime Minister, Carwyn Jones, also regretted its outcome, explaining that other measures, to protect children for example, would not implemented, as ban on piercings for the under-16s and the licensing of tattoo artists.

There were exactly 27 votes against the proposal and 26 votes in favor. Plaid Cymru would have suddenly changed its vote after having heard of unkind comments by Labour in the corridors of the meeting.

Vapers in Power celebrates a success

Vapers in Power (ViP), a party founded by vapers, welcomed the outcome of this vote. They acknowledged the Assembly members who traded with vapers and members of ViP throughout the elaboration process of the bill. They also acknowledged the groups SaveEcigs, New Nicotine Alliance (NNA) and all those who participated in their campaigns. According to ViP, the vote of the 16 of March 2016 shows the Welsh Government that smokers who chose a safer alternative to smoking will not give up fighting and will always make their voices heard.

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