I had ever had the pleasure to test this brand towards which I often looked, in particular for its massive tank and large diameters. But I never crossed the course.

Now it is done with this Vapor Giant Mini V3. Mini, for the Austrian, is just in comparison with the other giants of the brand because, in the end, it is not really a mini atomizer.

As you surely know, the Vapor Giant comes from the work of a certain Niko Vapor, an Austrian modder who took his inspiration from the Kayfun for the inner mechanics. And that’s why I can compare it to one of my old favourite atomizers, the Taifun GT II that I have long used but that has now become not aerial enough for me.

The interest of this Vapor Giant V3 is that its price just is between the highest range of products around 120/140 euros and the conventional ones at 40/50 euros. And considering its finish, it is quite remarkable.

Note that, here, you will not have any transgenic innovations but a kind of “back to the future” with excellent bases that retain the essential. An ideal compromise that makes this atomizer to be seriously considered for a daily use, and it’s not so common in the rebuildable family.

For a product made in Europe, I am ready to make some efforts in particular for a filling system that requires a pipette bottle. If this is the price to pay for the absence of leaks and no agglutination in the chimney, I’m willing to forgive this “back to the future”.

So I have in test and in hands an atomizer made ​​of stainless steel with an outstanding finish that I could now qualify as a classic rebuildable setup with its mounting base and its airflow located under the coil.

This third version offers, for 88 euros, an atomizer with a mastered design and a remarkable finish that will not leave you unmoved, provided that you noticed its diameter of 23 mm which on some kind Pipeline PRO Mod, for example, is not aesthetic.

Technical characteristics

  • Size (with drip tip): 78 mm
  • Size (without the drip tip): 58.5 mm
  • Diameter: 23 mm
  • Weight: 90 g
  • Connectors: 510 via a screw
  • Drip tip: Type 510 in stainless steel with the brand logo
  • Capacity: 5.5 ml
  • Material: Stainless steel 1.4301, glossy finish
  • Tank: pyrex/stainless steel
  • Resistance: single coil but rather large diameter possible
  • Adjustable Airflow 3 unequally spaced openings
  • 1 bag (containing screws and spare seals).
  • 1 tank cover with a different design (optional)

Excellent finish, a classical mechanics and an airflow, adjustable, that can be aerial. Simple but effective.

This Vapor Giant Mini v3 has Germanic roots and it is obvious from its design and robust finish. For me, the name “tank” fits very well to the product. This is actually well manufactured, either for the screw, for the exterior finish or for the quality of its carvings. The pyrex tank is perfectly protected by its metal shield. You will also notice the beautiful drip-tip flanked by the logo.

The design of the tank’s slits is wide for the original version but you can choose a another design, named “arrow”. And for having received the two versions in test, I admit I prefer the “arrow” design but I finally returned to the initial one that makes the level of remaining liquid more visible, thanks to larger slits. It will be up to you.

For the general impressions, Vapor Giant finally offers a real good big atomizer. It is massive and we honestly feel that it will be stronger than the GT II I just broke, dropped on a table.

The materials used are of very good quality, and the manufacturer announces the use of a stainless steel 1.4301, of food quality. The only snag that I see at this stage is, at filling, to be forced to uncover the coil and its greasy cotton leaking everywhere. Indeed the bell is, conversely to a GT II, connected to the tank and screwed on to the top cap. This is probably the biggest criticism that could objectively be done, here. But this criticism could also be done for other recognized atomizers, like the SQuape R[​​s] by StattQualm.

The general impression remains the simplicity of design and its materials of very good quality.

Classic and simple coil. Large mounting base for an easy mounting and not to be limited by resistive wire or coil diameters

I started with a wire of 0.40 mm for a coil of 2.5 mm with 5-7 turns, depending on what is desired. My first try output 0.38 Ω and was a bit too low for my personal taste and liquids. I had to space my turns in order to obtain a more gustatory rendering.

But be aware that gustatory rendering is not its strength. The bell is small and the steam remains cold but it can be heated very high and quickly in case of intense sollicitation. This atomizer is built ​​to be an “all day” and, for this, it is really good and consistent.

You will also see that the supply ditches are wide enough. I had issued a doubt, initially, on how well positioned would remain the cotton during the successive re-fills. In fact, during this operation, the coil is completely uncovered.

These wide and deep ditches allow placing the cotton inside them, and I never noticed a misplacement with mine. Of course it must be soaked first and positioned correctly. But this is done very easily in fifteen seconds.

As with other rebuildable setups like this, always keep in mind that the liquid should be slightly in contact with both ends of the cotton wick. So once the wick is well positioned and all is closed, you will find that the atomizer works great, without any leakage or even not a start of seepage. I confirm that this assembly requires no special skills and is truly accessible to anyone.

The coil will need to be positioned a bit higher than on the picture to increase the airflow but it also depends on the type of coil that you enjoy.

To come back to the base mount, screws are large enough for wires of 0.40 mm, as shown by the picture. They are also convenient for larger and finer wires. You can rely on an efficient insulation thanks to a piece of peek, very resistant to high temperature even though I do not think the size of this chamber is designed for this. The chamber is quite small and even if the airflow is aerial, everything heats rather quickly.

As I said , the deca coil in 0.4 ohm is probably not the best choice for the configuration of the chamber. It may put up with higher temperatures but the cotton will suffer pretty quickly because of the small size of this chamber.

Consumption in the average for a bottom re-fill requiring a fine pipette bottle

After having verified that the top cap is locked, turn over the tank to fill it from the bottom and you will see that the space between the bell and the glass is little, not exceeding 2 mm. At this price, even glass pipettes of the 30 ml vials can not be of help. It’s a bit painful but you just to have to keep a pipette bottle dedicated to this operation.

An airflow with three adjustable openings but a little hard to handle once the atomizer screwed

The airflow is quite effective in the sense that it is not too noisy and adjustable, but its down position can be locked by excessive tightening of your atomizer on your mod or box, making it complicated to handle. Particular attention is necessary at each re-fill because the tank must be completely unscrewed when filling.

The other negative point of this atomizer concerns gustatory aspects, directly related to the nature of the airflow. The configuration offered by this atomizer allows a proper rendering of fatty liquids and other tobacco tastes but I find it weaker with fruity flavors. This is probably because the atomization chamber quickly rises in temperature. To vape during the day, the Vapor Giant Mini v3 will be a great companion, however when it comes to non-stop puffing, I find it heats too quickly, even with airflow fully open.

Finally, subject to these few specific points, I have not found a single leakage, and yet I carried it around. This is one of the few to have never gave ​​me a small drop or small leak. Effective!

In summary

The “+”:

  • Efficiency and free of leakage
  • Simple and classic coil assembly
  • Excellent finishing in relation to its price
  • 5.5 ml of liquid
  • Easy visualization of remaining fluid
  • Airflow not too noisy
  • high manufacturing and materials quality
  • Successful design and tank choice
  • Price
  • 23 mm and reasonable weight

The “-“:

  • Filling the tank of 5.5 ml requires a pipette
  • Lower rendering to the fruity tastes
  • Position of the ring of airflow too low


Rating 4.1/5: For this median price, you purchase serenity but also a beautiful piece made ​​of beautiful materials.


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