Strictly minimal

Let’s be clear, this kit is strictly minimal. In a red and black cardboard box, colors of Kanger, one finds the battery of 650 mAh, the top filling tank), a VOCC-T coil of 1.5 Ω and the USB charger.

No spare tank or additional coil. It is really the minimum that a starter kit can offer. I will not comment on the manual, it was not included.


Technical review

The main features of the Top Evod are:

  • A non- variable battery with a capacity of 650 mAh
  • A coil of 1.5 Ω with organic cotton
  • Fuel capacity: 1.7 ml
  • Connection: eGo/510
  • A round button decorated with a LED lighting (on and off by 5 quick presses)
  • Protection against reverse polarity and against short circuits
  • Recharge with micro-USB cable
  • Multi color LED for battery charge
  • Four colors available (black, white, red and silver)
  • An English instruction manual
  • Diameter: 14 mm
  • Weight: 109 g
  • Length: 16 cm

A top filling

The main novelty of this kit compared to the old Evod is in the tank. A clue: it is now called “Top Evod”, meaning that it’s a filling from the top, always a plus in ease of use.

Unscrewing the top cap and filling up with the pipette. A pipette not too wide, the tank is very thin (14 mm). At this stage, Do not do like me who start vaping after only 2 minutes. Result: no dry hit dry, but almost no steam.

Outdated vaping quality

Wait time is at least 15 minutes so that the cotton soaks and the coil gives its maximum potential and produce vapor. Once this period has elapsed, the battery charge being delivered , there is to click five times on the red button on the battery to turn it on and vape.

Having recently tested the Endura T18 by Innokin, a direct competitor of the present object, although slightly more expensive but very well designed, I have been seriously disappointed by the low volume of steam produced. It is really light.

The “huge vapor” touted by Kanger is clearly not at the rendez-vous. The battery delivers 3.7 volts on the new Kanger VOCC-T coil of 1.5 Ω, which gives a power of 9.12 W, and it is no miracle.

To reach a satisfactory volume, one has to puff slowly and several times. Once the steam is there, then the rendering of flavors is good.

Another problem, as you have to puff several times, the tank and the metallic drip-tip heat up very quickly. One can also have small liquid lifts, which is never pleasant.

The non-adjustable airflow consists of three holes of a millimeter in diameter, but it provides a nice tight vape adapted to coil’s characteristics.

As a result of the low volume of steam, the small reservoir volume (1.7 ml) is not a handicap, autonomy is very good. For its part, the battery life is also good, even surprising for its only 650 mAh.

The battery is recharged by USB; the charger connects to either a wall outlet or a computer. No pass-through function, unscrewing the tank is mandatory before plugging the battery charger.

The finish of the threads is not good, if the tank is not perfectly screwed, it is shaky. Another detail, when the setup is stirred, the button clinks.

The Top Evod is sold between 15 and 20 dollars on the Chinese and US sites. The release date is not yet scheduled but it is expected to appear in the French shops at around 25 euros in the coming weeks.

In summary

The “+”:

  • Simple design
  • Simplicity
  • Price
  • Top filling
  • No leaks

The “-“:

  • Low vapor volume
  • Disappointing finish
  • Non-variable power
  • Non-adjustable Airflow
  • No pass-through function
  • No spare parts
  • Non-exchangeable drip-tip


Rating 2/5: The Top Evod kit I tested did not keep its promises, namely to provide a fun vape able to help a smoker switch to the world of vaping. The volume of vapor is not satisfactory and recalls the outdated models by 3 or 4 years. So yes, these models have been effective for some at the time, but today there are similar models, albeit a bit more expensive, but well above the Top Evod in terms of vaping quality, comfort and finish.

This kit can interest the curious first-vapers to test a personal vaporizer, but it may not convince them of the effectiveness of the vape. Its main quality is its price, its problem is that it is no miracle.


Note: The product used for this review is considered a prototype before marketing. It could thus be subject to changes by the manufacturer.



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