The Fédération Interprofessionnelle de la Vape (Fivape) launched yesterday a TV spot on French TV channels D8, I-Télé, BFM TV and BFM Business.

In a press release, the organism explains that the spot “addresses health benefits of vaping for ex-smokers and highlights the role of users in moving on with vaping”. Fivape aims at calling to mind “all stakeholders involved in tobacco harm reduction”.

This communication arrives one week before May 20’s deadline for advertising and promoting e-cigarettes, as dictated by the transposition of the EU TPD.

The character’s name, “Max”, alludes to a French TV ad for Nicopatch and its background French song “Il est libre, Max” by Hervé Cristiani who remembered a phone call, at night in 1989, to let him hear thousands of people singing his song in Romania… when Ceaușescu has been dismissed. A glance of hope?

Internet website and the Facebook page are associated to this campaign.


Now, Max is vaping,

He has the puff for it,
He recovered the senses of taste and smell,
He got rid of carbon monoxide and of combustion products,
Since 10 years, Max has talked about it to Inès, who explained it to Georges, who introduced it to Ben, who shared knowledge with Noé…
Today in France, we are 3,000,000 vapers and everybody speaks about it.


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