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At the 2nd edition of international e-cigarette exhibition in Poland, Events International company sets up a special open zone for business development, called Business Session. This open space will be created for different categories of entrepreneur: for people, who want to get start to build a vape business in Poland, for businessman, who want to retain own market share and for investors, who want to develop own business and industry. Because of this we divide a Business Session in 3 parts. Every section will be focused on a concrete theme and will be presented by 3 speakers. You can find a short program below:

  • How to create? Topics dedicated creating and implementing a new vape business in Poland and Europe.

  • How to retain? Topics dedicated competition and TPD regulation. You can find out information about growing your market share in current market conditions.

  • How to invest? Topics dedicated investing in vape business. So after this section you can find out how to select a pespective idea and implement it in business.

The registation for the Business Session of 2nd International E-cigarette Exhibition Vape Expo Poland has already open! Join us by clicking the link below:

For free registration you can enter the promocode: vapeexpopoland_b2b_vapingpost

 Our previous event photo report you can find here:
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