“It is inconceivable that vaping should be subject to the same regulations as tobacco”

The petition, restricted to Italian vapers, recalls the basic principles of a personal vaporizer: does not burn tobacco, does not even contain tobacco. The vapor is produced by the vaporization of an e-liquid in contact with a heating element. The e-liquid is made of a mixture of regular products: propylene glycol, vegetal glycerin and flavors. It also underlines that we know through studies that using e-cigarettes for one month is able to purify the organism from the toxins contained in tobacco smoke, and that secondhand vaping does not exist. It further allows the user to gradually decrease nicotine strength down to zero.

The authors of the petition believe that “vaping cannot be ruled like tobacco” and that vaping “needs a specific regulation to normalize the potentially leading sector in terms of the reduction of healthcare expenditures.”

Since many of the MPs interviewed by the media seem to have divergent opinions, the petition aims at setting up the rights basis of a dialogue.

More than 2,220 people are supporting the petition that is close to reach a milestone.

Italian vaping is two million users

After a steady decrease in 2014 and 2015, Italian vapers are in net increase this year. According to the ISS, Italian vapers should be 2,340,000 among which 1,380,000 are regular users.

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Michael J. McFadden
Michael J. McFadden
7 years ago

Excellent overall, although I’d disagree with one aspect of this: the statement that “secondhand vaping does not exist” while implying that “secondhand smoking DOES exist.”

In both cases crazy people can take femtograms and attograms and nanograms of exposures and claim that such exposures are equivalent to the activities themselves. The craziness and lies are clearer in the case of vaping, but they spring from the same fount: The Lies of the Antismokers. If you go to http://bit.ly/TobakkoNacht and click on the “Of Vapors And Vapers” and “Giblets” options in the “Book Selections” tab under the front cover, you’ll see EXACTLY how they use the same techniques, manipulations, distortions, and lies to vilify vaping that we allowed them to get away with for so long in vilifying smoking.

Understanding the basis of such lies and examining the history of how they’ve been used against smoking is ESSENTIAL if the fight against the Antismokers turned Antivapers is to succeed and understanding and exposing their fundamental weakness in BOTH arenas is critical in the fight.