The event was attended by about 200 delegates amongst which were a diverse number health practitioners, researchers, consultants, directors of public health and representatives from numerous health organizations and charities such as  the New Nicotine Alliance (NNA).

Speakers included Alison Cox and Professor Linda Bauld from Cancer Research UK, Alette Addison of the Department of Health, Dr. Debbie Robson of King College London and the day was concluded with a panel discussion.

A number of issues were presented and topics debated however the most prominent were the ones focused around the need to build a strong evidence based platform in the conducting sound resarch in relation to vaping products. This can be bolstered up by taking a realistic approach and always involving the real experts, the consumers, in the design and methodology processes of vaping products. It was pointed out that the U.K. has already complied with regulations put in place by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

PHE took this opportunity to launch their new framework for policy making on the use of e-cigarettes in public and workplaces. The organization expanded on the 5 questions guidance offered by the ASH, (Action on Smoking and Health), and the CIEH, (Chartered Institute for Environmental Health), so to make it easier for employers and administrators of public spaces to differentiate between smoking and vaping, and encourage these individuals to offer smokers who are using vaping products, the support needed to quit smoking.

On its website the NNA claimed that even though for regular followers of vaping news most of the material presented was not ground-breaking, it is always good to come together to these events for networking purposes, to share knowledge and transmit information. Therefore the outcome of this symposium was a positive one. It added that naturally a couple of opposing voices were heard, but it was good to “at least talk about the matters on which there were differences of opinion”.

Download : Use of e-cigarettes in public places and workplaces -Advice to inform evidence-based policy making (PDF)

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