The Advisory Committee on Medicines Scheduling is a classification system that oversees and determines the accessibility of medicinal substances and other chemicals to consumers, in Australia. Yesterday on the 4th of August, the TGA has released a document for consultation in preparation for the upcoming ACMS meeting. The document lists the number of substances to be reviewed, and invites interested parties to offer feedback on the suggested amendments.  Applicants are encouraged to state whether they support the proposed changes, to add any suggestions to the prospective changes if they wish to, and to mention how these modifications would affect them.

The proposal for Nicotine, is a suggested exemption from schedule 7 for concentrations of 3.6% or less of the substance, to be used in personal vaporizers as a smoking cessation tool. This would be a welcomed change for smokers down under who are currently finding it hard to make the switch to a healthier alternative in a bid to stop smoking due to the existing heavy regulations.

How can you participate?

This is an opportunity for anyone amongst the public to voice their opinion, and perhaps contribute to a positive change. Applications will be received until the 1st of September 2016. Interested applicants are invited to read the document released for consultation and follow the indicated links to submit their application.

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