A priceless opportunity, interested professionals or individuals will be able to take part and witness debates from opposing perspectives, whilst receiving first hand information about recent studies and any latest scientific evidence surrounding the products directly from the researchers themselves. This event would be of great benefit to all those with a vested interest in environmental and public health such as regulators and policymakers, all health providers, individuals from smoking cessation establishments, vaping industry stakeholders, and scientific researchers.

What will be discussed?

The E-Cigarette Summit will naturally address some important issues that keep popping up in anti-vaping headlines, such as the infamous ‘gateway’ theory, and Big Tobacco’s infiltration into the vaping world, which is casting a darker shadow on an already despised industry. Other topics that will be discussed are the role of advertising and marketing related to the products, their use in public spaces, and the role that e-cigarettes could have in ending the current tobacco fuelled health crises. Following is a detailed list of the points to be covered, all questions and queries can be expected to be dealt with in an open and objective manner.

Events like these, where there is an exchange of reliable information, is where change begins.
  • How safe is vaping compared to smoking – including long term use
  • How do we define the “harm” of e-cigarettes in context of public health
  • Will stricter regulations protect public health and create safer products
  • Do e-cigarettes help people to quit smoking – should they be prescribed
  • What does the evidence say about gateway
  • Are there health risks through second hand vapour for non-users
  • Has the Public Health response to e-cigarettes served the public
  • If e-cigarettes are so good, why aren’t all smokers using them

A golden opportunity

Events like these where there is an exchange of reliable information, is where change begins. This summit provides a safe platform and perfect opportunity for scientists, lawmakers, and vaping businesses to come together, network and share knowledge and concerns. In turn this  will hopefully lead to reaching a consensus about the appropriate route to take in relation to vaping regulations.

More info : http://www.e-cigarette-summit.com/

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