The FTC is a bipartisan federal agency whose mission statements say that they aim to protect consumers whilst promoting market competition. The agency claims that it develops policies through hearings, workshops, and conferences whilst collaborating with law enforcement entities, and various agencies and organizations on a national and international level to ensure that the interests of American consumers are also protected on a global scale. But… how about the interests of the small vaping businesses?

A year ago, in October 2015, the FTC issued their first Federal Register Notice related to vaping products, that time asking for public comments on the proposed information collection. The Commission had received 37 comments, the answer to which will be found in the notice announced today. With regards to the information collected by this latest notice, the FTC plans to utilize it to build a report regarding the sales and marketing expenditures and activities of the expanding vaping industry.

Have your say

The FTC claims that it’s aim is to ensure that the interests of American consumers are protected whilst encouraging market competition. But… how about the interests of the small vaping businesses and their consumers?
Vaping experts Stefan Didak from the organization Not Blowing Smoke, and Former Executive Director of SFATA, Cynthia Cabrera, were both quick to point out that whilst the FTC is deciding how vaping products should be marketed, small vaping businesses are being left out and unheard. Both Cabrera and Didak pointed out that it is important for these businesses to have their say and are urging business owners to do so by following the details on the FTC’s webpage.

This latest expected notice will once again ask for public comments, which must be received within 30 days of the notice being published, and will then be posted on the FTC’s website.